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10 Qualities Of An Expert Dentist

Last Updated:
February 19, 2023
Kay Nicole

Qualities Of An Expert Dentist

The importance of finding the right dentist can not be understated. Decisions made by your dentist can be crucial in shaping your oral health now and in the future. A wrong decision made by your dentist can prove to be harmful to your oral and overall physical health. A good dentist always provides healthy and honest advice for your teeth, which can be vital in your later years. Thus, along with the technical skills and knowledge, behavioral qualities exhibited by a dentist can be a decision-maker for you!

This article covers the 10 top qualities to look out for in an expert dentist.

Dental Knowledge and Skills

Perhaps the most critical quality every great dentist must possess is the ability to apply dental knowledge and skills to a patient. For dentists, it is crucial to identify the problem and have complete confidence in the solutions they offer.

However, finding the right professional for your orthodontic needs can be challenging, especially if you reside in a place like Greenville. Greenville is home to 13% of the county's population, but around 68% of the county’s hygienists practice there. While having options is not necessarily a bad thing, it can become extremely confusing for patients getting dental implants in Greenville, SC. Thus, it is best to do your homework to find a professional offering quality services at reasonable rates.

Strong Communication Skills

The feeling of sitting inside the dentist’s office with no clue regarding which treatments await you can be scary. Unclarity regarding the existing problem and insufficient information about the procedure can make any patient nervous. Hence, mastering the art of communication with the patient is imperative for expert dentists.

Effective communication is a vital soft skill that every dentist should acquire to improve the patient experience. According to a study, efficient communication contributes to accurate diagnosis and improved patient outcomes. Educating patients regarding the severity of their problem, walking them through the treatment the dentist may apply, and informing them about the painful sensations they might experience are crucial tips to improve communication.

Values Your Time 

For most of us, routine jobs and busy schedules make it troublesome to book medical appointments. For some people, attending such visits might mean taking a medical leave from work or dropping their kids elsewhere. Consequently, it can be frustrating when dentists fail to follow these appointment slots.

Another sign of a good dentist is someone who values and respects your time. It is imperative to ensure that the appointments of different patients do not overlap. Further, treating a patient within the time promised can leave them more satisfied with their dental visit.

Does Not Upsell

It is no surprise that dental visits can turn out to be quite heavy on the pocket. Dental checkups like whitening procedures can prove expensive for most patients. Further, in most circumstances, dental care is not covered as a part of a health insurance plan. In fact, more than 77 million adults in the US do not have dental coverage.

With such expensive procedures and a lack of insurance coverage, it is fundamental to look for dentists that charge reasonably and avoid upselling. The profession of dentistry has made it very convenient for dentists to upsell different packages to patients due to a lack of awareness and guidance. The packages offered by dentists can be absurdly expensive for many patients. Therefore, while looking out for the best dentists in town, choose a dentist that does not look for opportunities to upsell unnecessary treatments to you.

Good Listener

Ensuring that every dentist hears a patient's feelings and queries is essential. The key to an accurate diagnosis is focusing on what the patient expresses to the dentist. Consciously listening to the patient's remarks can make it easy for dentists to treat or diagnose patients.

In the health profession, doctors and dentists have always adopted methods that allow patients to express their conditions and feelings. Hence, it is vital for any dentist to actively listen to a patient, be it current symptoms, queries, or past experiences.

Strong Organizational Skills

A prime sign of finding an expert dentist is noticing how organized they are. It is imperative to note the neatness and organization in a dental office. Out-of-place or old equipment can be your warning sign for a potentially carefree dentist.

Focuses on You

Dental visits can be tedious, especially if the dentist seems disinterested in you. It might seem exhausting to wait quietly until the dentist completes your treatment. However, this does not have to be the case with all dentists.

A quality of an excellent dentist is their genuine interest in you. Ideal dentists like to talk to their patients about their oral health, work, family, and friends. These conversations can make you feel more relaxed and have a good experience while you treat your dental needs.

Considerate Towards Staff

If you have visited dental offices frequently, you must have noticed the different employees working for the office. The employees in an office may range from an office administrator and receptionist to a dental assistant working alongside the dentist. A quick way to understand the character of your dentist is to notice their interactions with such staff. It is always a good sign to see dentists being considerate and kind towards their assisting staff.

Non-Judgmental Behavior

Ever felt ashamed going to a dentist with misaligned or plague-infested teeth? Feeling judged at a dentist's office can make many patients reluctant to seek treatment. Hence, it becomes crucial to choose such dentists that make you feel comfortable regardless of your existing conditions and work alongside you for improvements.

Values You 

Feeling valued by your dentist can make or break your experience. Dentists can stand out based on their attitude and behavior toward their patients. Many dentists express their interest through having frequent conversations regarding family, providing honest dental advice, and frequently following up to ensure recovery. Such practices are proof of a great dentist that you should hunt!


Great dentists can be difficult to find. According to a survey, the number of dentists in the United States is around only 160,000. Studies indicate that there are only 61 dentists for every 100,000 people in the US. Such figures can explain how difficult it can be for Americans to find the right dentist for their family.

However, the benefits of finding the right dentist are innumerable. An expert dentist would treat your teeth in as minimum visits as possible and consistently check on you to ensure recovery. Finding the perfect dentist can be nothing less than a blessing, who would ensure that you can maintain a shiny white smile every time you leave their office!

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