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10 Remote Work Job Ideas for 2022

Last Updated:
July 26, 2022

Remote Work Job Ideas

Working remotely is a dream for many, especially those who enjoy the freedom of travel. Luckily, in recent years, remote work has become increasingly popular, allowing for more freedom within the workforce. Below are 10 remote work job ideas you can try this year.

#1. IT Roles

IT or information technology offers a wide variety of remote work job opportunities for various skill levels. Whether you are into spatial computing or something else, within these roles, you can either be a freelancer and pick up contracts or work for a company as a full-time remote employee. Most IT employers don’t mind where you work from, as long as you have a reliable internet connection, are productive, and are available during the business’ operating hours.

Additionally, creative people with digital skills can freelance to create branding and advertising for companies. With the rise of technology, videos are more popular than ever, thus animators are in high demand.

#2. Admin

Administration roles are easily transferable to remote positions. After all, most companies now utilize digital calendars, and project management software for day-to-day use. This allows an administrative assistant to work remotely, able to schedule meetings, order products, manage schedules, and more from anywhere. Data entry positions are also easily remote, with companies sending data packages directly to the employee for input and analysis.

#3. Content

In the modern era, companies want to produce content for their audience. This means that content writing, technical writers, copywriters, translators, and editors are in demand. So, if you have great language skills, consider applying for remote content positions. You can also often find freelancer content work on LinkedIn or websites like UpWork.

#4. Education

Many people now turn to the internet to discover new things, or to learn about a certain topic. Hence, if you are an expert in your field or more knowledgeable than most, you could become an online teacher. Now, you don’t have to run classes, instead, you could write blogs, create an online course, or make YouTube videos. Or, you could consider one-to-one online lessons or tutoring.  All of these options allow you to create your own schedule and work from anywhere while furthering your knowledge and securing yourself in your industry of choice.

#5. Digital Marketing

This is another common remote job opportunity, especially for those with SEO or marketing knowledge. Every business website requires SEO to increase its google ranking and increase website traffic. Therefore, if you are an SEO specialist you can easily find remote work contracts. Those who specialize in digital marketing, or more specifically social media marketing can also easily find remote work. With over 58% of the world's population now using social media, advertising on it is key for businesses. Ensure you stay on top of the latest internet trends and social media algorithms to offer the best service for your clients.

#6. Sales

Online sales are constantly rising in popularity, both physical goods and digital products. Consider starting your own dropshipping business, allowing you to sell products without worrying about shipping. Or, you could sell digital products like eBooks, worksheets, artwork, photos, or training courses. Finally, you could be a telemarketer if you have a strong internet connection. This allows you to travel and work from anywhere, however, you will likely have set working hours.

#7. Finance

Financial planning and bookkeeping are both remote work possibilities in the finance realm. Accountants can even work remotely, especially if their clients are also digital nomads. Ensure that you are well versed in international and small business tax requirements to offer the best service. In any financial role, you must be certified, so ensure that you get your qualifications organized.

#8. Photography

Traveling around the world offers many opportunities for photographers. Not only can you sell your images as stock photos, but you can also get freelance jobs. Ensure your portfolio is up to date and that you are advertising your availability. People worldwide look for photographers to capture special moments so if you advertise well, it can be a full-time role.

#9. Medical

The medical field is often not thought of when it comes to remote work job ideas, however, there are various roles available. One of the most popular is medical coding. This crucial role requires assigning medical codes to diagnoses and treatments. Another option is medical document reviewing, with this, qualified nurses examine records and files for accuracy. With documents becoming digital, these job roles are likely to expand in the remote sector.

#10. Travel Agent

If you love to travel and have great people skills, why not consider a career as a travel agent? As booking systems are now online and cloud-based, you can work from absolutely anywhere. Many remote travel agents select a niche and target that audience. For example, those looking to book a Disney-related trip will search for Disney travel agents. As you develop your career you can build relationships with hotels, airlines, restaurants, and more to offer unique deals to your clients.

There are plenty of remote work job ideas out there if you are willing to put the effort in. Remember to stay on top of additional training, trends, and digital changes to ensure your remote work career is stable.

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