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2 Runs a Week Half Marathon Training Program for Beginners

Last Updated:
July 8, 2022

2 Runs a Week Half Marathon Training Program for Beginners

Many people make the mistake of believing that you have to train by running over 50 miles a week to successfully complete a half marathon. People hear this and are turned away from the possibility because their schedule doesn’t allow them the time to attain these miles during the week.

Although it sounds like a wild idea, you can adequately train and compete in a half marathon by only doing 2 runs a week. This 2 runs a week half marathon training program is more convenient for those with busy schedules and is much easier on your body. This is for the beginner who wants to successfully complete a half marathon. There’s no need to spend countless hours running while simultaneously wearing your body down in preparation for the race.

In only 12 weeks or nearly 90 days, you can be fit, prepared, and able to complete a half marathon by running only twice a week. Throughout this program, you will never be tasked with running over 10 miles at any one time, but will still be prepared to complete the full 13.1 miles come race day. Save your body from the unnecessary strain of a 40-50 mile per week training plan with this method!

Logic behind the 2 Runs a Week Half Marathon Training

The logic lies in 3 essential ingredients:

  1. Frequent HIIT cross-training workouts between runs
  2. Training at your Half Marathon Target Heart Rate (HMTHR) during longer runs
  3. Interval speedwork, to enhance your endurance for the late miles of a half marathon

This is great for those with busy schedules as this combination will save you time, lessen strain on your body, yet still prepare you for a successful half marathon race.  It is also useful for those that injure easily or frequently and who have been derailed from running a half marathon in the past because of injuries.  Save your body and be fit to run a half marathon with this plan.

This book outlines the approach and science behind this half marathon training program. Inside you will find HIIT workout options, a step-by-step guide to determine your half marathon target heart rate, and a weekly planner for the 12 weeks so you can map out your workouts week by week.

When race day arrives, your body will be well-conditioned and in better form to absorb the 13.1 miles!

Available on in print and Kindle ebook versions.

If you have struggled with finding the time to get out and run and/or have been burdened with injuries stemming from overuse, this half-marathon training program is for you! It’s important to note that this is not a couch to half marathon program. This program requires a base fitness level of being able to run a 5k to start the program.  It is not a couch-to-half marathon program!  However, if you have a base level of fitness and want to successfully run a half marathon, then the method outlined in this book can get you to the finish!

Check out the book on Amazon to learn more!

View paperback on and access Kindle ebook version.


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