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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

3 Best Sleep Apps for iPhone Users

Last Updated:
October 21, 2021

Best Sleep Apps for iPhone Users

Sleep is a crucial part of living a healthy and productive life. However, many people often sleep a full 8 hours or more and still feel exhausted. This is where utilizing a sleep app can help. Not only can it track your sleeping habits, but it can also analyze how you are sleeping. From restless nights to REM cycles, the best sleep apps for iPhone users can help. Many can even help you create helpful bedtime routines. Below are the top 3 sleep apps recommended to improve your sleeping habits.

SleepCycle App

This sleep app gives you insight into your sleep patterns by recording and analyzing sounds. This includes breathing, snoring, talking, coughing, and more. SleepCycle tracks your sleeping schedule by using these sounds to determine what sleeping stage you are in at any time. The sounds are analyzed using evolved machine learning algorithms, to better help you understand which habits influence your sleep. Sleep patterns vary from person to person, so the more often you use the app, the better your analysis will be. Some of the analytics include;

  • Time in Bed
  • Asleep
  • Quality of Sleep
  • Snoring
  • Waking Time
  • Time to Fall Asleep

You can view your analytics by day, week, and month thus making it easy to track your sleeping patterns and change habits. SleepCycle is an autonomous tracking tool, simply turn it on and put your phone on your nightstand. You can also use the Apple Watch App to track your sleeping habits if you prefer. Finally, SleepCycle offers an extensive range of sounds to help you fall asleep or wind down. You can also use these as alarms, to make waking up less jolting.

SleepScore App

This app uses your iPhone speakers and microphone to analyze your sleeping patterns. SleepScore monitors your breathing and any movement to give you an overall sleep quality score. This score is based on a variety of analytics, allowing you to clearly see where your sleep quality is disrupted. The analytic categories include;

  • Sleep Duration (score out of 40)
  • Time to Fall Asleep (score out of 5)
  • Light Sleep (score out of 5)
  • Deep Sleep (score out of 20)
  • REM Sleep (score out of 20)
  • Wake Time (score out of 10)

Users can set a smart alarm, which will wake you at the ideal time of your sleep schedule within the set alarm window. As you continue to use the app, SleepScore will offer personalized advice based on habits, exercise, bedtime, and more.

Pillow App

This sleep tracking app includes scientifically-backed analysis to help you learn more about your sleeping habits. Pillow is best used with an Apple Watch and iPhone, as the app will track your heart rate as well as your breathing. However, it still offers significant insight with just an iPhone. Simply turn the app on and put your phone nearby. The user interface is simple to use, and all analytics and easy to view and understand. Pillow tracks the following information to analyze your sleep habits;

  • Sleep Duration
  • Quality of Sleep
  • Time in Bed
  • Heart rate

Additionally, Pillow allows users to compare their sleep with steps, meal tracking, and caffeine consumption to see any external effects on sleep. There is also an additional, Snooze Lab feature which you can use for power naps and set smart alarms as needed.

The older we get, the more important sleep is. Above are the 3 best sleep apps for iPhone users in particular. However, SleepCycle and SleepScore are both also available on Android. Be aware that as all these apps track sleep primarily via breathing, results can be affected by others in the room. This is minimized if your device is on your side of the bed away from anyone else. Start tracking your sleep with an app, and learn more about your body and how you can help yourself get a good night’s sleep.

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