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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

3 Things you Can Do to Promote Relaxation and Mindfulness

Last Updated:
May 18, 2022
Kay Nicole

3 Things you Can Do to Promote Relaxation and Mindfulness

Without any techniques to promote relaxation and mindfulness, you may become overwhelmed by stress. Too much stress can take a negative toll on your body. Avoid accumulating stress by practicing these different activities that help improve your mental health.

Cook a Meal

Cooking improves your mental state by bringing you to a focused state of relaxation. Following a recipe will help your mind stay present and calm and can even improve your organizational skills. Cooking can provide a creative and rewarding way to express yourself while learning new skills. Look through your pantry to see what ingredients you have available. Figure out what you can make from the ingredients you have or find a recipe on websites like the Kitchen Community. The more familiar you become with different recipes, the more fun it will be to experiment with new ingredients and flavors. When you cook, you can connect with your ingredients and truly appreciate your food. Preparing your own meals can encourage you to have a healthier relationship with food and allow you to enjoy eating more. As well, it can promote creativity and offer peace of mind. Cooking your meals at home will help you eat healthier and save money.

Spend Time Outside

When you go outside your body will naturally relax, release endorphins, and increase dopamine production. This helps significantly lower a stress hormone called cortisol in your body to improve your mood and promote feelings of happiness. Within a few minutes of stepping outside, you may notice your muscles relax and your heart rate regulate. Going for a quick stroll or leisurely bike ride can encourage you to get outside and spend time closer to nature. When you are surrounded by nature, you may experience less anxiety and better cognitive function. Going outside can even promote creativity and give you a greater sense of purpose. Nature helps you learn to slow down and reconnect. Find activities you enjoy that you can do alone or with others like going on hikes or planning a day at the beach.


Another way to connect with nature is by connecting with animals. If you don’t have a pet of your own, you can connect with local wildlife. Set up bird feeders around your yard where you can easily watch birds from a window or outdoor seating area. Birdwatching is a relaxing activity you can enjoy that will help minimize stress and feelings of anxiety or depression. Watching birds can not only lift your mood but allow you to appreciate nature from a new perspective. Purchase feeders and birdbaths to encourage birds to your yard. Keep the birds safe and away from predators with nesting boxes and birdhouses. Be sure to only use organic practices on your lawn and eliminate insecticides. You can even plant a garden full of flowers and plants that draw birds to them. You may be surprised by the different kinds of birds you can see in your local area.

When you are stressed out and overwhelmed, there are several activities available that promote relaxation and mindfulness that can help you feel better. The more regularly you partake in these activities, the easier it will be to develop healthy habits that improve your mental health.

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