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4 Benefits of Clothing Rentals

Last Updated:
January 2, 2024

Benefits of Clothing Rentals

Fast fashion and the waste it creates is a common concern for savvy shoppers. This is due to the additional carbon emissions, and the often unethical labor situations. Hence, clothing rentals are becoming more popular with all shoppers. Below we look at the four benefits of clothing rentals, and how to find rental companies.

Firstly, what are clothing rentals?

Rental fashion or clothing rental allows people to rent clothing, shoes, or accessories for a set amount of time. Similar to how a library works, users must sign up for an account first. Then, they can browse items available for loan, select them, and have them delivered. Each item will have a set price for the rental period, and shipping is usually flat-rate or included. Once your rental period is up, simply return the items using the shipping label provided. These rentals are a great way to have an ever-changing fashion wardrobe without the higher costs or discarding of items.

What is slow fashion?

Slow fashion refers to sustainable, and ethical clothing, shoe, and accessory production. This movement focuses on providing items of a higher quality and construction than fast fashion items. Thus, slow-fashion items are more durable and fit much better. These fashion houses create classic designs in new, trending color palettes, offering smaller collections 3-4 times a year. On the other hand, fast fashion houses release collections monthly using cheaper fabrics and automated cutting and machining practices.

Benefits of clothing rentals and slow fashion

1. Cost

While fast fashion is cheap, it doesn’t last. With clothing rentals, people can access high-quality fashion for a much more affordable price. This allows users to access and wear designer items without a large investment. Additionally, clothing rental allows you to access specialty items for one-off events like a ball, wedding, interview, or fancy dinner.

2. Sustainability

Clothing is essential for most people, however, the way it is produced and consumed heavily affects the environment. For fashionistas, staying up-to-date with trends can lead to a large amount of waste as fast fashion items simply don’t last. With clothing rentals, the pieces are of higher quality ensuring more wear.

3. Easy Access

Clothing rentals allow you to try the latest styles without having to purchase them. Then, once you are done with the item, or your rental period is ending, you must return the items. These services allow you to try different brands, styles, colors, and fit. Renting items is also a great way to try before you buy, especially for those more expensive, classic pieces.

4. Experiment

Clothing rentals can help you to discover your own personal style without breaking the bank. Most services allow you to rent between four and ten items per rental period, which allows you to experiment and test different styles. This is great for anyone looking to refresh their look or for those looking to create a capsule wardrobe.

How to find clothing rentals

Finding a reputable clothing rental service requires research to find ones in your area. Make sure to look at the reviews on Google, Facebook, and the BBB before signing up. However, some nationwide companies include:

  • Rent the Runway starting at $94USD per month for 5 items
  • Nuuly starting at $98 USD per month for 6 items
  • Armoire starting at $79 USD per month for 4 items
  • Tulerie with prices dependant on item and user

As you can see there are many benefits of clothing rentals from saving money to finding your personal style or renting a one-of-a-kind outfit for a special event. By utilizing clothing rental services you are helping to reduce carbon emissions and wastage caused by the fast fashion industry.

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