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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

5 Simple Ways To Enhance Workout Difficulty

Last Updated:
April 10, 2024
Kaylin Ging

5 Simple Ways To Enhance Workout Difficulty

Finding the right balance of workout challenge and efficiency is key to progress. Whether you’ve hit a plateau or are looking to spice up your routine, increasing the difficulty of your workouts can lead to significant improvements. Enhance your workout difficulty with these five simple changes.

1. Integrating Interval Training

Interval training is a powerful way to upgrade your workout difficulty. Alternating short bursts of intense activity with brief rest periods or lower intensity burns more calories, improves cardiovascular fitness, and enhances muscle endurance. Interval training pushes your physical boundaries and keeps your workout engaging.

2. Using Inclines

One of the many types of cardio machines every gym should have is incline treadmills. They expand users’ workout customizability, experience, and difficulty. Using inclines in your workouts introduces new dimensional challenges, increasing intensity with gravity’s power. Inclinations also target different muscle groups, which improves your strength and endurance.

Aside from using an incline treadmill, you can add inclines to your workouts in many ways, like:

  • Using a step, block, or bench to elevate your surfaces
  • Exercising outside on a hill
  • Incorporating stairs
  • Stacking mats

3. Adding Weights

Knowing why and how to add weightlifting to your running improves your fitness journey in many ways. Weights enhance the difficulty and efficiency of any workout routine, no matter how you integrate them. Implementing weightlifting into your routines, using a weighted vest, or adding ankle and wrist weights increases resistance, forcing your muscles to work harder.

4. Amplifying Balance

Switching from simple to more complex exercises can also increase workout difficulty. For instance, transitioning from a regular squat to a single-leg squat requires more balance, concentration, and strength, engaging more muscle groups. Incorporating balance challenges, such as using a stability ball or performing exercises on an uneven surface, can make your workouts more challenging and rewarding.

5. Increasing Workout Duration

One of the most straightforward methods to enhance the intensity of your workout is by increasing its duration. Gradually lengthening the time you spend exercising can impact your endurance and stamina.

Starting with adding just five to 10 minutes to your workout session can already make a difference, allowing your body to adjust and improve over time. Gradually increasing workout duration is particularly effective for cardiovascular exercises, where sustained effort leads to better aerobic capacity and endurance.

The key to success lies in the consistency of challenge and the willingness to step out of your comfort zone. Each of these strategies offers simple ways to enhance your workout difficulty in different dimensions, broadening your fitness horizons. Increase your workout intensity and maximize your workout results.

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