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6 Tips To Help Prepare You For Breast Augmentation

Last Updated:
January 26, 2023
Kay Nicole

Prepare You For Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that uses breast implants or your own fat tissues to enhance the size or shape of your breast.

Breast augmentation is known to enhance the self-image and self-confidence of many people, which is why it is one of the top five cosmetic surgeries in the United States. According to National Breast Implant Registry, California has the highest number of registered practices for breast augmentation. Moreover, according to the ASPS, the Los Angeles metro area has a higher percentage of plastic surgeons per capita (2.3%) than the New York metro area!

As with any surgery, breast augmentation can pose certain risks and complications afterward. The side effects may range from soreness and bruising to the formation of a hematoma. Therefore, it is very important to get this procedure done by an experienced professional. Take your time to select an accredited surgeon for your breast augmentation. The following tips will also help prepare you for breast augmentation.

1. Do Thorough Research:

Getting a breast augmentation is a big decision, so you will likely experience some anxiety once you have scheduled your breast augmentation. One way to settle your nerves is by obtaining all the necessary information. Patients have the right to be informed about every aspect of their procedure, and many surgeons respect that. Besides that, you can use the internet to learn more about breast augmentation.

For example, many people don't know that breast augmentation is a reversible procedure, and you can get breast implant removal surgery to remove your implants or improve them. There is a growing trend in cities like Los Angeles for smaller implants. Anyone who wants to adjust their implants or remove them should know about things such as breast implant removal cost in Los Angeles and the most qualified surgeons in the area. Figuring out these things before the procedure will help you feel safer. So, ensure you have all the necessary information about your surgery and recovery process before the operation day.

2. Take Care Of Your Health:

Like any other surgery, you must be in an optimum state of health before undergoing breast augmentation. Patients with good physical and mental health have a better chance of smooth surgery. As a result, you may be asked to make changes to your lifestyle in order to improve your health.

For instance, you must have a BMI of 30 or low before your surgery. This is because patients with higher BMI can face complications with anesthesia during the surgery. So, patients are advised to have a BMI that falls between the healthy range of 18.5 and 25.

In addition to weight, surgeons also advise their patients to stop smoking six weeks before the operation. Smoking has been shown to slow the healing process after surgery by decreasing blood flow in the body. So, smoking can make a patient more susceptible to infections and skin necrosis.

3. Consult About Your Medication:

During the pre-surgery consultation, doctors usually inquire about the patient's medications. The reason is that many medicines, including herbal and some allopathic medications, increase the risk of bleeding in people. This can interfere with the patient's healing process, so they are told to stop taking these drugs before the surgery.

Your surgeon will notify you when to stop taking these medicines, depending on the type of medication you use. For example, you must stop taking anti-inflammatory medicines at least ten days before the surgery.

Similarly, you can consult your surgeon about when to resume your medications.

4. Make Arrangements for Child/Pet Care:

If you have kids or pets, arrange for someone to look after them for a few days after your surgery. Following your surgery, you will be advised complete bed rest for a few days. In this situation, you can ask a friend or a family member to stay with you for a few days so that you can rest without worrying about your children or pets.

You may need assistance doing simple physical tasks like dressing and preparing food for yourself. So, having someone to rely on during the days following your surgery can speed up your recovery.

5. Prepare Ahead of Time:

As mentioned above, you will need a few weeks to recover after the breast augmentation surgery. So, to avoid any unnecessary stress, you should prepare for your recovery period in advance.

Breast augmentation surgery typically takes a few hours, but depending on the time of your admission, you may need to stay overnight. Regardless, make arrangements for your ride from the hospital. Ask someone to pick you up after your surgery so you can make a safe journey to your home.

Maintaining your health after surgery is just as important as before the procedure. However, it is challenging to prepare meals for yourself when you can barely stand straight for more than a few minutes. You can make this task easy for yourself by preparing your meals some days before the surgery. Focus on preparing meals that will provide your body with plenty of nutrients. Choosing a high-protein, low-fat diet with little to no dairy will help your body recover faster.

6. Prepare Your Hospital Bag:

Finally, creating a checklist of everything you should pack in your hospital bag would be helpful. This will ensure you have all the things you may need before and after the procedure with you. A few things that you may need to keep with yourself are:

  • A loose button-down shirt because it will be difficult for you to lift your arms above your head.
  • A pair of loose trousers.
  • A pair of slippers.
  • A dressing gown.
  • Wet wipes.
  • A portable charger for your tablet or phone.
  • Water bottle.
  • Overnight toiletries in case you need to stay overnight.


Breast augmentation can be both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. It might be an intimidating procedure, but proper preparation can lead to a quick and healthy recovery. Take necessary measures to ensure that your procedure goes smoothly. Do not rush into things, and plan everything thoroughly. This will prevent you from having regrets later.

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