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6 Top Hostel Options Including Selina

Last Updated:
June 2, 2022

Top Hostel Options

Finding a good hostel in parts of the world can be quite difficult. This is often even more difficult for digital nomads that require things like reliable internet and security. Luckily, there are now various dedicated hostels set up with accommodation and facilities for digital nomads. Below are our top hostel options for anyone looking to travel and work.

1. Selina

Our first pick for hostel options is Selina. Selina has over 80 locations worldwide, and every location from Costa Rica to Australia offers high-speed internet. This is key for nomadic travelers, which is exactly who Selina caters to. They aim to provide hostel guests with everything they could need to travel and work abroad seamlessly, including gorgeous coworking spaces. Each hostel location also offers a range of rooms, from bare necessities to luxury suites. Finally, each Selina location offers local food options and sightseeing tours so you can begin enjoying your working holiday immediately.

2. Outside

The Outside hostel model is based on co-living situations, and thus may not be suitable for everyone. However, if you are looking to travel, live, and work with other digital nomads, Outside offers some great locations. Currently, there are 20+ locations in the US, Europe, Latin America, and Indonesia. There are various accommodation options from a single room in a house, to a full house rental. The biggest difference between Outside, compared to standard hostels is the fully equipped kitchen in every location, allowing you to save money by cooking onsite. Each location offers linens, towels, and of course high-speed internet. As each location is a house, all main living areas are shared with all current tenants, thus, if you want more privacy this may not be the best option for you.

3. Mad Monkey

Originally located in Cambodia, Mad Monkey hostels offer safe, reliable accommodation. Over the past few years, Mad Monkey has expanded and now has locations in Australia, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, and the Philippines. Each location offers both a bar and restaurant on site. Every location offers a range of accommodation options, from budget sharing rooms to private suites. However, no matter what your budget, every guest has access wifi and communal areas. With locations located in tropical destinations, Mad Monkey hostels are a great option for nomadic travelers.

4. Nomads

The Nomads hostel chain originally opened in Australia in 1994, and now has locations in New Zealand and Fiji. If you are looking to head down under as part of your nomadic adventure, Nomads is sure to offer everything you need. Each location offers high-speed wifi and has both social and coworking areas. The website also offers several resources for a job search if you have a work permit.

5. A&O Hostels

This is probably the most well-known hostel chain on our list, especially in Europe. In fact, A&O focuses on offering great service, comfortable accommodation, high-speed internet, and affordable pricing. All demographics are welcome, and many families also opt to stay at A&0, with children getting to sleep free. However, this does mean that the A&0 hostels offer less of a party atmosphere, and have more of a laid-back approach.

6. Nomad List 5.0

While not a hostel per se, the Nomad List aims to give digital nomads the freedom to travel globally without issue. They can find you the best places to stay, live, or visit as a remote worker. They constantly collate data from thousands of cities around the world to give the best costs of living, updated temperatures, and more. Additionally, the Nomad List allows users to quickly find coworking spaces in any city worldwide and offers the ability to meet and connect with other members. Originally created specifically for digital nomads, Nomad List is evolving into a resource for any remote worker looking to travel or just meet other remote workers.

Utilize the top hostel options above on your next adventure and enjoy the freedom of nomadic life.

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