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7 Best Ice Bath Tubs

Last Updated:
May 9, 2023

Best Ice Bath Tubs

Ice baths are a popular way to improve physical and mental health. In fact, these cold plunges have been exploding in popularity over the past few years. Many professional athletes and celebrities regularly use ice therapy treatments, including Lebron James, Oprah Winfrey, and Mike Posner. Below are the seven best ice bath tubs you should consider if you want to start ice therapy at home.

Firstly, what is ice therapy?

Ice therapy involves submerging your body in cold water. Usually, the tubs are around the size of a small hot tub, yet bigger than a bath tub. This therapy treatment is primarily utilized for athlete recovery and is often found in gyms or physiotherapists' facilities. However, in recent years, they have become increasingly popular for personal use. For the best results, the ice bath should be below 50F or 10C. As you continue with ice therapy, you can continue to drop the temperature to almost freezing.

Seven Best Ice Bath Tubs

1) Ice Barrel Bathtub

This sleek, lightweight, and ergonomic ice bath is a great freestanding option. It holds up to 105 gallons and can fit people over 6 ft. in an upright seated position within the tub. Shaped like a barrel, this ice bath is 42” high by 31” wide with a 25” opening. Weighing in at 55 lbs when empty, it is easy to move, and the quick drainage system makes emptying the tub simple. Priced at $1199.97 USD, the Ice Barrel Bathtub comes with a lid, UV cover, and step stool.

2) G Ganen Foldable Ice Bathtub

This is a super affordable, and simple-to-use ice bath option. The G Ganen Ice Bathtub can be set up indoors or outdoors. The inflatable arm and headrest offer more comfort, while the tub is made of 3 layers of waterproof PVC and mesh held up with PVC piping. These three layers help the tub to be durable and keep temperatures down. This tub is quite small at just 30” tall, with a 30” diameter. The G Ganen Foldable Ice Bathtub is just $69.99 USD and comes with an easy-drain valve.

3) The Edge Tub

This inflatable ice bath fits into a backpack and is easy to set up in just 15 minutes. The sturdy inflatable design can be permanently installed, or be used as a portable option. Furthermore, the Edge Tub can heat or cool water within 3 hours, making it easy to get the correct ice bath temperature. The tub is 25 lbs when empty and measures 47” x 25” x 24” making it the perfect size for anyone. Priced at $4990 USD, this is one of the most expensive ice bath options, however, the heating and cooling option, along with portability makes it worth it. In addition to the tub itself, you’ll also receive a chiller unit, double action handpump, storage backpack, insulated cover, skimmer net, and sanitizer kit.

4) The Cold Plunge Tub

This durable and comfortable ice bath was first seen on Shark Tank. Using a plug and plunge system, simply fill the tub using your hose, or house tap attachment and set your desired temperature. The Cold Plunge Tub can be used indoors or outdoors but is not easy to move due to its size and weight. The tub itself is made from acrylic and fiberglass, featuring a metal base for reinforcement, and insulation to prevent condensation. The tub is 31.5” wide, 67” long, and 24” high, or the XL version is 32.5: wide, 73” long, 27” high.

Furthermore, the Cold Plunge Tub has a circular filtration system so you can leave the tub filled for up to six months. There is also a 20-micro filter to pull debris from the tub. Other features include Ozone sanitation and an underwater light for night ice baths. Priced at $4990 USD for the standard version, this ice bath is on the more expensive side but is designed to last a lifetime. Included with the tub are an insulated spa cover, free delivery, a cellphone holder, a hose filter, a skimmer net, and a rubber ducky.

5) The Portal by Polar Monkeys

This outdoor ice bath is made of steel and comes with a chiller. Weighing in at 120lbs, when empty the Portal is definitely a great option for those looking for a permanent ice bath with chiller. The tub itself is 60” long by 26” high and 26” wide. The basic version starts at $2990 USD and additional upgrades are available for purchase. This price includes just the tub, drainage system, and chiller system.

6) Tru Grit Inflatable Ice Bath

This convenient, and easy-to-set-up ice bath is an affordable option for ice therapy. The tub itself inflates in under 5 minutes and can be deflated in 2 minutes. Furthermore, the Tru Grit Ice Bath can fit into a backpack for portability and weighs 38 lbs. The inflated tub is 60” long, 30 “ wide, and 37” high, and has designated fill and drain ports. Priced at $999 USD and available at Dick’s Sporting Goods, this is a very accessible ice bath option. The ice bath comes with a double-action hand pump, mat, backpack, and repair kit.

7) Odin Original Ice Bath

This ice bath is a cedar tub that uses an advanced filtration and sanitation system. The Odin Original Ice Bath is the only option on our list that can reach 32 F or 0 C. This is great for those who want the full ice therapy experience as it can even create ice. The stainless steel tub with stylish and durable cedar wood finish also makes this ice bath a centerpiece in your backyard. Replace your filters every month and change the water every 3 - 4 months for the best efficiency.

The interior size of the Odin Original Ice Bath is 43.3” long, 31.5” wide, and 24” high. Priced at $6900 USD, this is the most expensive option on our list. However, the price includes worldwide delivery, cedar step, UV spa cover, filtration system, and cooling system. If you are looking for a reliable, stylish, and permanent option, Odin is the best choice.

Ice therapy is a great option for athletes looking to boost muscle recovery, or those looking to boost their immune system, increase alertness and improve moods. The seven ice bath tubs above are some of the best on the market and can help you to chill out and recharge.

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