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7 Best Travel Apps for 2022

Last Updated:
March 8, 2022

7 Best Travel Apps for 2022

In the digital age, accessing tools and information via apps has never been easier. However, many of these apps aren’t worth the investment of time or money. Travel apps can help you track travel expenses, find the best deals for accommodation and attractions, or the best prices on food. All of these details can be helpful while on vacation, but how do you know which apps to use? Below are the best travel apps we recommend for 2022 to make your vacation even more relaxing.


This helpful travel app for iOS and Android helps you with packing for your trip. Simply enter your travel dates, the location, and any activities you have planned. Then PackPoint will create an ideal packing list for you with quantities for the whole trip. It even considers the weather at your destination. The easy-to-use interface even lets you add in additional people traveling with you. So if you have the kids to pack for as well, the app will include those details in the packing list.  If you have a work trip, PackPoint will include details like a laptop, laptop charger, business cards, etc. Users can also set their own must-haves for all trips like medication, vaccination certificates, keyfobs, and more. With the PackPoint app, you no longer need to worry about forgetting to pack something. Simply check off the items as you pack and the app will remind you about anything left.

Mint: Personal Finances

Looking for an app that can help you save for your trip, and stay on budget during it? Mint can help, with an easy-to-use iOS and Android app. This app allows users to see exactly how much money they currently have, and where it is. Users can easily track their spending and see if there are any unexpected charges or if any money is being held. This feature can be especially helpful while traveling, both for security in case your details are stolen, but also for any overlap in hotel holds. Customize your trip budget easily with custom categories, that can be easily updated when needed.

XE Currency

When traveling abroad, knowing the exchange rate can be beneficial. With the XE Currency app for iOS and Android, you can always have access to the current exchange rate. This is especially helpful to check what prices are in your own currency, to check it's within your budget. Plus, with the XE app, users can instantly transfer money online exchanging currencies without needing an exchange office. This enables users more freedom with their money and allows them to save on exchange fees. Right now users can transfer money in 65 different currencies in 170 countries.

Hotel Tonight

If you are a flexible traveler, you may not know where you will be for the night until the morning before. With Hotel Tonight on Android and iOS, it is now simple to find accommodation with incredible deals for same-day bookings. The savings are often significant and every listing is peer-reviewed like most accommodation sites. The only thing to look out for is that the room layout is not guaranteed, just that each room can sleep two adults. Thus, if you want separate beds, this may not be the best choice.


The Rome2Rio app for iOS and Android is a great resource for those looking to plan the transit options between two locations. Simply input the starting and endpoint and Rome2Rio will let users know all of the available transit options. This includes transit via plane, train, bus, ferry, walking, and car. For public transit options, the app also includes an estimated fare, however, this is not guaranteed to be accurate so users should double-check if using this to simply plan. Users can click on each option and travel type to be taken to the booking website immediately. The Rome2Rio app also includes any travel advisories that may be in place.


One of the worst parts of traveling is unexpected delays at security. With MiFlight for Android and iOS, users can easily look up the current security line length at airports worldwide. Simply enter the airport you are flying out of to check the current times and see how early you should be there. Users can also look at the app daily leading up to their trip to find out average line times for pre-planning.

WiFi Finder

This app allows users to find WiFi hotspots worldwide, making it one of the best travel apps. By using WiFi Finder for iOS and Android, users can access free internet easily. The app even gives you the latest login details where needed. Simply type in the address and the app will show you all the nearest WiFi hotspots. Each hotspot shows the internet speed and any login details you may need. Then simply head to the location and access the internet at your leisure. WiFi Finder also includes a VPN, offering secure connections wherever you are. You can also download city maps with WiFi hotspots, allowing you to find internet access even without data.

There are apps available for every aspect of your trip, from planning and packing to accommodation and transit. Especially today with the finance upheaval in the economy, saving money on trips is essential. As well, some are now offering details that are eco-friendly such as your carbon emissions footprint which can help you make better environmental choices, and the majority are using robust cloud monitoring to protect your data as well. So, start enjoying the health benefits of travel and embrace technology to make your trip less stressful. Take advantage of the best travel apps above to start planning your next trip.

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