All about the fitness and health lifestyle
All about the fitness and health lifestyle

About My Fitness N Health Blog

Welcome to the My Fitness n Health Blog!

Started by Mike Gingerich, this blog is intended to be an ever-growing treasure of the latest and best on fitness, health, and an active lifestyle.

Mike Gingerich has walked the journey... my fitness n health blog by mike gingerich
From couch potato to healthy athlete. He went from a stagnant lifestyle with early onset rheumatoid arthritis issues in his 30's to a transformation that has led him to be med free and seen him compete in half-marathons, triathlons, duathlons, a marathon, and more.

Mike went from a carb and processed food heavy diet to ultimately becoming a Vegan. It didn't happen all at once but over a period of years with continued effort and consistency he made improvements each month to ultimately get to a place of strong fitness.

He is an avid fitness buff who trains weekly with runs, biking, HIIT workouts, and weightlifting.

The goal of the My Fitness n Health blog is to be a resource for the active lifestyle. From nutrition to exercise and workouts, as well as supplements and natural health options.

Join us on a journey to fitness and health, to live the best life we can!

It doesn't matter where you start on the journey, the key is moving forward and improving. Whether it is weight-loss, getting into shape, evaluating and making your diet healthier, or just simply getting more active, we've got the posts that can help you learn, grow, improve, and be your best self.

Check out the latest blog posts.

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