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Air Relax Review for Recovery

Last Updated:
November 2, 2022

air relax review leg recovery system

With the growing recovery product market, athletes of all levels have begun investing in new equipment to bolster their recovery process. By shortening the time of recovery and restoration, and by enabling the body to recover more fully, athletes are obtaining greater levels of achievement whether on the professional or on the recreational front. One particular type of product that has seen a lot of recent growth is compression boots. However, with such a cluttered market, which recovery boots are best for your specific needs? One brand to consider is Air Relax. After a thorough analysis, continue reading for a complete Air Relax review for recovery.

Positives of Air Relax

The basic design of the Air Relax compression system makes it very user-friendly. Essentially, the system operates similarly to a plastic pool floaty. You put your legs in the sleeves like a pair of pants, and the sleeves inflate with air and compress your muscles. If you are concerned that your legs won’t fit in the sleeves, don’t worry, the leg attachments come in multiple sizes! Based on how tight you want the sleeves to squeeze your legs, there are up to 4 levels of adjustable pressure and 3-programmed variations. These variations alternate between levels 1 through 4 and move in waves up and down your legs. These programmed variations and pressure levels are designed to treat different types of issues and body parts. For example, if you are struggling with mild calf tightness, you may want to use a level 2 pressure with a designated programmed variation to target that specific area.

Negatives of Air Relax

Although the system itself is user-friendly, there is little information about the different settings and capabilities of the system. While there are 3 programmed variations, each one has a specialized function. The instructions fail to fully disclose how each of the three variations can be beneficial for specific types of issues. To continue the air relax review for recovery, another downside of the Air Relax boots are the size. The big and bulky nature of the boots and the system itself can make it difficult to take on the go, and can even pose a challenge for storing them in your home. Additionally, you might assume that you could charge the boots so you can take them on the go as needed. However, the system must be plugged in to use and does not offer a battery option at this point. This can make it difficult to use in certain locations, such as an aid station camp for trail runners or ultra marathoners.

Final Thoughts

To conclude this Air Relax review for athletic recovery, it's important to note that with any compression boot system, there are positives and negatives. People rave about how fresh and renewed their legs feel the morning after using these boots. Users argue that after using the boots, they could never go back and now use the system up to 5 times per week. However, it’s also important to consider how the system may be difficult to take or use on the go. All in all, if you’re looking for compression boots to bolster your recovery routine, this system is definitely one to consider both for the professional athlete and the weekend warrior.

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