All about the fitness and health lifestyle
All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Apple Watch vs Garmin: What Smartwatch is best?

Last Updated:
February 18, 2021

Apple Watch vs Garmin: What Smartwatch is best?

As you progress on your health and fitness journey, you may be considering a smartwatch to track your workouts. However, how do you know which one you should choose? In this article, we compare Apple Watch vs Garmin so you can see which will suit your needs the best.

Fitness Features

The fitness features are obviously what these smartwatches are known for. However how much do these features vary from device to device? All Apple and Garmin smartwatches offer the following features;

-       Step tracking

-       Sleep tracking

-       Heart rate monitor

-       Cycling tracking

-       Distance tracking

-       Altitude tracking

-       Built-in GPS functionality

-       Ability to install apps

Apple Extra Features

Apple Watches all offer 50m water resistance for swimming, and the newest update can also track dance workouts. They also offer a Rings feature, which encourages users to close their rings daily. Newer Apple watches also offer a compass and fall detection technology, making it easier to call emergency services if you need to. The Apple Watch Series 6 is also ahead of the competition with health monitoring. The Series 6 offers blood oxygen tracking and an ECG app, which offer potentially lifesaving benefits.

Garmin Extra Features

The Garmin Venu has water-resistance of 50m whereas the new Fenix 6 offers 100m water resistance making it much more suitable for water sports. Additionally the Fenix 6 Pro has topographical maps as well as hiking and ski trails preloaded on the device. Garmin also offers a Body Battery monitor that keeps tabs on your biometric data to access and alert you of your energy levels. This means your watch can tell you if you need to take it easy, rather than doing a full-on workout.

Battery Life

How often you have to charge your device can make a big difference. With the Apple Watch range, all of the models have an 18 hours battery life. This means you would need to be charging it each night and miss out on sleep tracking. Or, you could charge it during the day so you could track your sleep. On the other hand, the battery life of Garmin smartwatches varies from model to model. For example, the Venu has a 5-day battery life without GPS, or 20 hours of battery life with GPS on. The Fenix 6 lasts 72 hours with GPS on and 6 to 9 days with the GPS off. Garmin also offers suggestions on how to get the most life out of your battery. 


Obviously, you want to ensure that your new device integrates with your current devices. However, as always, the Apple watch will only integrate with other Apple iOS products. Garmin on the other hand integrates with both iOS and Android devices while offering its own unique Connect IQ store.   

Smartwatch Pricing

Pricing is a major factor in many people’s decision-making. Overall the Apple models are cheaper, with Series 3 starting at $199. Series 6 models start at $399 with the added ECG and blood oxygen tracking features.

The Garmin range aims to keep things consistent as possible across all models. However, that means the pricing starts at $349 for the Venu model, and the Fenix 6 range starts at $549.

So Apple Watch vs Garmin; which is best?

It really depends on what you want as both the Apple Watch and Garmin do exactly what they need to. Both brands offer great watches with amazing features to help keep you on your health and fitness journey. If you already have an arsenal of Apple products, the Apple Watch is a seamless addition. It also offers a built-in motivator with its Rings feature. Garmin however, is much more suitable for those looking for significant battery life and a sportier feel. Additionally, Garmin stands out for those who enjoy a richer sporting experience, with added tracking features for those more extreme sports. Both retain the ability to turn your body into a productive factory of the future, by integrating dynamic technology into your daily routine. So, in the battle of Apple Watch vs Garmin, the winner is not features but what else you already have and want to connect to.

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