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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Barry's Bootcamp vs Orange Theory: Which is Better?

Last Updated:
June 11, 2024

Barry's Bootcamp vs Orange Theory: Which is Better?

Finding the perfect workout requires a fair bit of trial and error. First, you have to decide what type of workout, then a provider of that workout. In this article, we look at Barry’s Bootcamp vs Orange Theory to see which bootcamp-style interval workout is better.

What to Expect

At both Barry’s Bootcamp and Orange Theory, you can expect to sweat your way through the workout. Both workouts offer high-intensity, bootcamp-syle circuit workouts. The equipment utilized does vary, as Orange Theory often uses a rower for cardio, as well as dumbbells and TRX straps. However, Barry’s utilizes a treadmill, dumbbells, medicine balls, and resistance bands.

Workout Class Schedules

At Barry’s, the schedule utilizes a muscle group split, which means you know what you are working on each day. The split is as follows:

  • Monday - Core and arms
  • Tuesday - Lower Body
  • Wednesday - Chest, back and core
  • Thursday - Abs and Ass
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday - Full body

Orange Theory on the other hand separates workouts using training goals. This means each day classes are based on strength, power, endurance, or a combination of all three. This can change from week to week, so make sure to check the schedule.


Both of these options are on the pricier side ranging from $25 to $40 USD per class. However, you can use Class Pass for Barry’s Bootcamp which can cut the cost. Additionally, monthly memberships over single-class passes make them both more affordable.

The Vibe

If you are looking for a bright, upbeat studio, Orange Theory is it, the lights are bright, the walls are orange and the team atmosphere helps bring energy to each workout. Barry’s is the opposite, with more of a workout club cave, with less of a team focus.


Both are equally as challenging - if you push yourself. However, Barry’s Bootcamp often has more challenging exercises with a focus on weights. Since you set your pace, both workouts have the potential to challenge you every time.


The music for both workouts varies depending on the coach. This means you could be working out to anything from house music to rap, or hip hop.

Which class is easier to follow

Orange Theory is easier to follow during the workout, as each exercise is shown on TV screens in front of the circuit position. The coach also takes time to demonstrate proper form and any modifications. At Barry’s Bootcamp, the exercises are only demonstrated by the coaches once, and then cues are given for changing stations. Thus, it is best if you are already familiar with the workout exercises and strength training.

Which is easier to integrate into a training plan?

Barry’s is easier to integrate into a current training plan simply because you always know what to expect in terms of muscles being worked. However, with Orange Theory you must always check the schedule to see what workouts are available and hope one meets your workout needs.

Gear Requirements

Both Barry’s and Orange Theory require you to wear workout clothes and proper sneakers. However, Orange Theory also requires you to wear a heart rate strap that retails for around &70 USD for each class. This is to track how hard you are working and allows you to maximize your workouts based on heart rate data.

So, when it comes to Barry’s Bootcamp vs Orange Theory, which is better? In our opinion, Barry’s is the better option, simply for the set schedule and no extra equipment. However, these classes aren’t for everyone, so if you need a bit more motivation and a more encouraging atmosphere, Orange Theory might work best for you. We recommend trying both and deciding which is best for you, your lifestyle, and your workout goals.

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