All about the fitness and health lifestyle
All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Best Apps for Developing Healthy Habits

Last Updated:
September 21, 2021

Apps for Developing Healthy Habits

There is no time like the present to start working on yourself and your health. Often the easiest way to do this is to begin developing healthier habits for the future. However, this is easier said than done. Most people start with good intentions but quickly get discouraged and move on. So, to help you stick to your goals, below are some of the best apps for developing healthy habits.


Just like the name suggests, this app is all about maintaining consistency. The Streaks app allows the user to set the frequency of each habit, and when each habit should be done. For example, flossing your teeth could be daily at 9 pm, whereas you may want to walk Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 7 am. Users can have up to 12 current habits loaded and streaks register each time you consecutively hit your goal. Currently, the Streaks app is only available on iOS and Mac devices. However, the app will sync with Apple Health and your Apple Watch, making it easy to track habits on the go. An added bonus of syncing with your Apple Watch is that step and exercise goals will automatically update within the app.


This app is great for everyone, especially those who want to have a fun way to track their habits. Habitbull offers a simple and intuitive interface, to log your goals. Then, when you want more detail or to view your analytics, you simply click through. This freemeium tool is available on both iOS and Android,  and the premium version allows you to sync data over all devices. Within the app you can view your habit streak, and percentage of successful days to keep you motivated. Additionally, Habitbull will show daily motivation quotes and images targeted to your goals. There is also a community page, which offers users a place to discuss challenges and successes.

This habit building app coaches you through the process. The free version of is a great basic habit tracker, however the premium version gives you access to a coach. These specialized coaches are there to help you when times get tough, or if you are struggling with one of your habit goals. The coaches check in with you to see how you are going and offer personal support. This not only helps users stay on track longer, but also helps to build confidence throughout the journey. Having the additional support now could be exactly what you need to develop healthy habits for life. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.


This app offers a variation on your classic habit tracker app. Instead of just tracking tasks, Goalify allows you to track extra habits or steps to your habit. For instance, you might want to go to bed earlier, but to do that you need to drink less coffee. Goalify gives you the option to have both goals as partial steps under one header. This allows you to really see where you struggle when trying to build healthy habits. It’s simple design also shows what habits or goals you need to do today, and which you have to do soon. The free version only allows you to have 3 goals, however you can upgrade to premium and have unlimited goals. Goalify is available on both iOS and Android. As an added bonus, users can create a challenge and compete against their friends. So, if you and your friends want to drink more water – set up a challenge and get started!

Now, as technology evolves, especially blockchain health tech, these apps will continue to offer more functionality. Remember, building a habit is difficult, however by using one of the apps for developing healthy habits mentioned above, it can be easier. Visually seeing yourself hitting your goals is satisfying and beating your previous streak feels great. So, get those endorphins flowing and start hitting your goals and making your health a priority.

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