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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Best Apps for Tracking Water Intake

Last Updated:
September 17, 2021

Apps for Tracking Water Intake

For many people staying hydrated is rather difficult. After all, being properly hydrated is more than just keeping your thirst at bay. There are many variables when it comes to hydration, however, drinking enough water is a key part of keeping healthy. As a base, women should consume around 2.7 liters of water per day, whereas men require 3.7 liters. This amount includes the liquid you get from food and non-water beverages. Now, it can be difficult to track how much water you consume in a day, so consider these apps for tracking water intake.


As a paid app, WaterMinder is often not the first choice for those looking to track water intake. However, at only $4.99, this app offers many significant benefits. Firstly, WaterMinder calculates your hydration needs based on your body weight, exercise and personal goals. Then, the app will send you reminders throughout the day, encouraging you to meet your goals. For extra motivation, you earn badges and achievements each day you meet your goals. Additionally, customizing your hydration tracking is easy, from choosing cup sizes to setting alerts sounds and times. WaterMinder is available on Android and iOS, with apps for both the Apple Watch and iPad as well.


This water tracking app is free, however, it does contain in-app adverts. Aqualert is intuitive and easy to use with a specialized bedtime option. This means you can set hourly or half-hourly reminders to automatically stop at bedtime. Additionally, Aqualert will adjust your hydration goal based on any exercise you input into the app. You‘ll get a visual graphic display of your current hydration vs your hydration goal to help you stay on track. Aqualert will divide your water intake goal by the glass and let you know how many servings/glasses you have left. Available for both Android and iOS, and is compatible with smartwatches.

Hydro Coach

Currently only available on Android devices, this free app for tracking water intake is designed to help you build healthy habits. You can also upgrade to a paid version to avoid ads. Hydro Coach allows you to either set your desired water goal or use the app calculator to determine your intake. The Hydro Coach calculator will ask about your height, weight, exercise, current weather, and lifestyle to determine your correct water intake. The app is really easy to use, and allows you to set when you would like reminders. If you miss an alert, the Hydro Coach avatar will slowly turn red, while still giving you a visual reminder of your goal. Hydro Coach can sync with Samsung Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit to help you hit all your health goals.

Water Reminder – Daily Tracker

This free app is by the VGFit team and will help you determine how much you need to drink each day. To ensure greater accuracy, Water Reminder will link with HealthKit on Apple devices. This allows you to log coffee, tea, juice and other beverages while having them contribute accurately to your daily water intake. The Water Reminder – Daily Tracker app is completely customizable, from cup size to notification timing and settings. This app is available on both Android and iOS, however, iOS does have additional features like compatibility with Health Kit and the Apple Watch.

Part of your health and fitness journey includes ensuring that you are hydrated. In fact, drinking enough is just as important as getting enough sleep and exercising regularly. So, use the above suggestions to choose the best app for tracking water intake and stay hydrated!

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