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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Best Apps for Tracking your Calories

Last Updated:
April 11, 2022
Kay Nicole

Best Apps for Tracking your Calories

Many people keep the track of their calorie intake for either losing or gaining weight. They plan their exercise regimen and the kind of food that needs to be taken. If you are also thinking to include a calorie tracking app in your daily routine to encourage healthier habits, then you will be overwhelmed by so many options out there to choose from online.

The calorie-tracking apps make a list of your food and help you attain your health goals in an easy way.  It also offers insight into your pattern of eating that goes beyond the numerals.

You might have noticed that there are some days you feel hazy when you skip lunch at work, and some days you might have noticed that a good amount of calories are coming from sugar. Counting down calories will help you with options of what and when to eat.

This article reviews the best applications for tracking calories. All of them are easy to access and sign up for these apps takes less than a minute.



This application tracks your body weight and computes daily calorie intake. It has a well-planned exercise log and food diary. It will present you with a clear picture of your calorie intake in a day on the homepage of the application.

Moreover, it also displays how many calories are left for you to intake and the number of calories you have burned by exercising. You can sync this app with your fitness tracking device to get more accurate data.

While tracking your progress towards your goal, this app connects you with fellow users through chat forums. There you can share tips, recipes, and personal fitness journey with other people.

It comes with the facility of a barcode scanner which lets you immediately enter the nourishment information of a particular packed food.

Lio App

You can use the Lio app to manage your diet plan, workout plan, and medical history plan alongside a calorie tracker in one place.

It provides you with templates where you can list down all the healthy options that you want to have in your daily routine. It allows you to log down your workout and repetition sets.

You can select from existing templates for different categories or create a new one as you please. You can save the images of different healthy products that you want to buy once it gets finished. This application also notifies you whenever you want.

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Lose It! App


Depending on your height, weight, age, and the ultimate goal this application provides a personalized suggestion for calorie intake. Lose it! Then records your calories on the homepage.

It presents a complete food database and an icon illustrating each food entry. The food diary is straightforward and user-friendly. Adding new food items is not much complicated.

This represents the changes in your weight through a graph and provides you with to access an active chat community. It provides you a tab named “Challenges” where you can participate in dietary challenges or create one of your own.


This app includes nutritional information, a food diary, exercise log, weight chart, healthy recipes, and journal. A scanner facilitates you to keep track of packaged foods.

App’s homepage displays the entire calorie intake, as well as the breakdown of protein, carbs, and fat for days and for each meal. This app facilitates a monthly summary, which tells you the total calorie intake every day and the average per month.

This helps in tracking down the overall progress. It's a user-friendly application that connects you to the community through chat where people can relate with each other and share tips, recipes, and stories.

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This app helps you with tracking your calories, exercise, and body weight. It provides the exact serving measures and a proper exercise database.

If you are expectant or lactating, you can pick a custom-made profile based on more increased calorie needs. You may also mention it to the app if you are on some special diets like a low-fat vegetarian diet, paleo diet, and low-carb diet.

It will change the macronutrient recommendations. Its food diary is easy to understand. You can find a bar chart displaying the total calories consumed, and the breakdown of carbs, protein, and fat for that day.

You can easily sync up the data from health devices to Cronometer and import sleep data, body fat percentage, weight, and other activities.

The Bottom Line

Tracking your calories and nutrient intake is incredibly helpful if you are trying to gain, lose or maintain your weight.

They will also assist you to make modifications to your diet plans such as adding more protein and fewer carbs and calories. Be consistent with your planned diet and you will definitely achieve your ultimate goal.

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