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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Best Gratitude Apps to Increase your Wellbeing in 2022

Last Updated:
February 1, 2022

Gratitude Apps

Part of living a fulfilling life includes acknowledging your gratitude. Now, gratitude can present itself in various ways, from saying thank you to simply checking in with your friends or family. However, many people forget to express gratitude towards themselves. So, if you struggle to acknowledge yourself for things, consider using a gratitude app. Below, are our recommendations for the best gratitude apps for personal wellbeing.

Bliss – Gratitude Journal

The Bliss - Gratitude Journal app is free for both iOS and Android users. Users simply download the app and create an account with a password. From there the app offers daily prompts for you to journal a response to. Each day you are able to choose from several prompts, allowing them to choose a relevant one for their day. Options could include Honoring People, Could Be Worse, Transforming Problems, and much more. Then, simply type your feelings and reflections for them before hitting save. Each prompt also has links to gratitude research, so you can learn more about how the process for each question works. The paid version also included educational podcasts and online access so you can access your journal from anywhere. An additional bonus of the Bliss – Gratitude Journal app is the password protection, offering you extra security.

Reflectly Journal and AI Diary

The Reflectly Journal app is available on iOs and Android and is free to download, but, does require a yearly subscription. They do however offer a 7-day free trial, so you can test the features before signing up.  This app is designed as a mood tracker and gratitude journal. Each morning the app will prompt you to rate your mood and fill in a journal entry based on a prompt. Your mood tracker and previous entries show on the home screen so you easily view any older posts or see if there are patterns in your mood. The specially designed AI will analyze your journal entries to create custom prompts for future entries. This is a huge benefit, as you are not just answering the same questions again and again.


The Gratitude app is free to use and available on both iOS and Android devices. Some of the main features include a daily journal, vision board, affirmations, challenges, and reminders. The journaling option will provide a list of prompts for you to choose from daily, however, you can choose to not use a prompt and just journal. The 7 and 14-day gratitude challenges will remind you to fill out your journal daily with the specified prompts. This can be a great way to get started with gratitude journaling. You can also select to get daily affirmation statements, these will be based on the goals you put into the app. Finally, the vision board feature allows you to add images, text, and colors to help you work towards your goals mentioned earlier. Users can also opt to upgrade to the paid version, which allows you to add more photos, search your daily entries for keywords and export your data.

Gratitude Garden

The Gratitude Garden app incorporates gamification techniques in this free app for Android and iOS. Note, there are in-app purchase options. Users can use the app to journal, and each time they fill in an entry they earn points. The points you earn can then be used to create a gratitude garden filled with plants and creatures. Follow the challenge prompts to earn more points and add to your garden. This is a great choice for those who like to be rewarded.

Morning! A 5-Minute Journal

This app is available on iOS and Android as either a free or paid version. Morning! A 5-minute Journal is exactly that, an app that prompts you to journal for 5-minutes each morning. Users can also opt to journal at night instead, or journal twice a day. A big difference with this app is the ability to choose your journal prompts the night before, or the morning before. These prompts can also include affirmations, giving you full control over how you choose to journal. As an added bonus, there is a simple mood tracker for you to track any patterns in feelings.

All of the gratitude apps above focus on helping you to reflect and acknowledge your feelings and achievements. Many people find journaling before bed relaxing as it removes the stress of the day, thus allowing them to sleep better. The journaling process is also very beneficial for personal growth and wellbeing. So, choose the gratitude app that works best for you and start your journaling journey today!

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