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Best Mental Health Apps

Last Updated:
September 11, 2021

Mental Health Apps

Looking for mental health services can be time-consuming, difficult, and expensive in many areas. Not to mention, how intimidating it can be to ask for help. However, getting help with mental health is crucial for those having a difficult time. Luckily, with advances in technology, there are now many mental health apps available. Now, this also has a downside because it can be exhausting to go through all the options. To help you get a better grasp on your mental health, these are the best mental health apps we found.


This first app is designed to help you track symptoms, triggers, and feelings through your mental health journey. Bearable has a simple, clean design that won’t overwhelm you during use. To make it as easy as possible, you don’t even have to type anything if you don’t want to. Instead, simply select your symptoms from the list and track using a color, and use a sliding scale to track your mood. You can also add appointments, medication reminders and monitor food intake and exercise within the app. The best part is, you can easily export any data you wish to share with your therapist, doctor, or other medical professionals. By using Bearable, you no longer have to worry about forgetting to tell medical professionals about things that have happened as it is all in your app.


Seeing a therapist can be nerve-wracking, and many people struggle to even make the appointment. Talkspace is an app that connects you with a licensed mental health professional for virtual therapy sessions. For $65 a month, you have unlimited message capabilities with your therapist. This enables you to send voice notes, text messages, or videos to them at any time. Your therapist will respond up to twice daily, Monday through Friday. If you feel you need a video conference appointment, simply request a video chat. Having daily access to a therapist can make a huge difference in your mental health. Talkspace is especially important if you struggle to track your triggers or emotions daily.


This free app helps you track your mood and offers exercises to help change and improve negative moods. Moodfit was originally created to help get your mind fit and ready. Very similar to a workout app, Moodfit is here to help you change the way you think, to help you develop healthier insights. For the app to work best, you track your moods, exercise, sleep, and food. Then, over time, Moodfit teaches you which areas trigger your mental health the most while offering solutions and techniques to help you cope. To help improve your mental health there are also a variety of meditation, gratitude, and mindfulness classes available.


This app was created by mental health professionals with the goal of improving your mood and mental health. MoodMission is research-backed and continues to update techniques as more studies are done. This means users are getting up-to-date mental health advice and coping techniques. MoodMission is primarily aimed at those with depression, anxiety, or stress. Depending on how you are feeling, MoodMission will then assign you a ‘Mission’ to complete. These missions could be emotional, physical, behavioral, or mental tasks to help improve your mood or help you cope through the situation. Once you achieve your mission, it shows on your home screen and you can increase in rank. By combining a gaming style with professional mood and coping techniques, MoodMission offers a fun approach to improving your mental health.

All of the mental health apps above are available on both iOS and Android, for most devices, they often come with built-in ransomware. They all primarily target different areas of mental health, so you should choose the best app for your mental health needs. To get even better results, users should be sure to get enough sleep and eat well. Now, these apps are not designed to be a full mental health solution, but rather a step towards getting in-person, professional help.

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