All about the fitness and health lifestyle
All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Best Social Workout Apps to use in 2023

Last Updated:
January 26, 2023

Best Social Workout Apps

Working out can be much easier when working out with others. However, it isn’t always possible to meet with people for a workout due to schedules. These social workout apps allow you to work out with friends or colleagues no matter where you are. Or, you can even compete against each other to boost motivation.

So, if you are serious about hitting your workout goals this year, utilize one of these social workout apps. They allow you to both track your workouts and keep in contact with others to motivate yourself.

1. Fitfully

The past few years have shown us the wonders of technology, especially video calls. Fitfully is a live video chat workout app for both Android and iOS. Simply invite a friend or friends, select a workout routine then follow the on-screen prompts. You’ll be able to see all participants in a split-screen view. Fitfully offers a range of built-in challenges, or users can build their own workout from the exercise library. Most of the exercise options are bodyweight based and require no extra equipment.

2. StepBet

Counting steps is one of the easiest and most common ways to host a workout contest. This of course means there are many apps available that allow you to do this. StepBet is a little bit different than most as it aims to make the playing field level. This means no matter what your fitness level is, you can all compete and improve your health at the same time. The Android and iOS app connects with any activity tracker you use and imports that data. Using your historical data, StepBet then calculates an Active Goal and a Power Goal. The Active Goal is an increase on your historic steps whereas the Power Goal is a larger increase. Each participant can select a challenge and win cash by betting on themselves. Simply choose your challenge and place your bet, then make sure to hit the goal requirements. Often challenges are hitting 4 active days and 1-2 power days per week.

3. GroupBeast

With this app, a group of friends can each select a different workout each day of the week. All group members then sign on when they can each day and complete the workout. The workout feed looks very similar to Instagram with a place for comments, posts, reposts, and likes. Each user can comment on the workout with their thoughts and any struggles or wins they had. Creating a workout is simple as you choose from preset exercises. Each exercise will show the muscle group it targets and the expected timeframe it should take. Each user can also see an overall muscle map that shows what they’ve worked out over the past week. GroupBeast is available for Android and works on any mobile web browser.

4. Love HIIT

This workout app is a simple way to create and share HIIT workouts. To create a workout, users select a preset exercise, add a timer and then add a rest duration. Keep adding exercises until you hit your desired workout time. You can also add extra rounds of the circuit if you want less exercises, but a longer workout. Love HIIT is made for high intensity interval training, and as such most exercises are cardio or bodyweight based. This makes it easy for anyone to do at home, as long as they have the link to join. When you start the workout, Love HIIT will say the exercise name and start the timer. It will also count down the last three seconds, and tell you how long your rest is. The app is available on both iOS and Android and also works on any web browser.

Whether you decide to work out as a group or compete with others, the key to social fitness apps is to uplift and lift. This means that the atmosphere on the app should always be positive and not provide additional stress due to comparing yourself to others, while also helping you improve. Keep this in mind as you download these apps and work on your fitness goals this year.

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