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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Best Wellness Apps to Use in 2023

Last Updated:
January 24, 2023

Best Wellness Apps to Use in 2023

Are you looking to make 2023 a year of health and wellness? Look no further as we look at the best wellness apps to use to boost your well-being. From managing your sleep cycle and easing stress to finding delicious recipes.

1. Headspace

This is a meditation and mindfulness app that gives you a workout for the brain. The whole idea behind the Headspace app is to take ten minutes a day to clear your mind. Simply open the app and listen in. The categories to choose from include;

  • Meditate – Learn to manage your thoughts and feelings through mindfulness.
  • Sleep – Prepare your brain for a good night of sleep with sleepcasts or music.
  • Move – Use these exercises to strengthen your mental and physical health.
  • Focus – Music, and meditations to help boost your ability to focus.
  • Wake Up – Inspiring stories and mini-meditation sessions designed to help start your morning properly.

2. Meditopia

The Meditopia library offers users guided meditations on a range of topics. This includes stress, anxiety, acceptance, happiness, focus, breath, and motivation. All mediations are available on both iPhone and Apple Watch allowing you to meditate anywhere.

3. Results Wellness Lifestyle

This fitness app houses all the wellness apps you could need in one place. Results Wellness Lifestyle includes sections to boost confidence, happiness, relationships, motivation, and fitness. It also features deep breathing and meditation tools. Users gain access to over 1000 workouts, over 600 recipes, mindset courses, 11 structured programs, and weekly live workout classes. There is even a pain tracker and management tool.

4. My Possible Self

Are you looking for an app to help you manage your mental health? Consider using My Possible Self, this app allows you to track feelings in detail, and by category. This allows you to recognize patterns and triggers in your behavior while offering modules to tackle the issues. These modules are interactive and targeted toward stress, anxiety, loss, or major life changes. This app can help you to process your emotions and improve your sleep habits. Additionally, the app has NHS approval, meaning it is clinically safe and secure.

5. Feel Better

This app is a recipe book in your pocket. Created by lifestyle blogger Delicious Ella, Feel Better brings plant-based recipes straight to your phone. There are more than 800 nutritious (and delicious) meals to choose from. There are also over 300 at-home exercise classes including yoga, barre, strength, pilates, and cardio.  Feel Better comes with recommended meal plans and new recipes also get added every week.

6. Smoke Free

If you are looking to give up smoking this year, Smoke Free is the app for you. The app lets you track cravings and progress which can keep you motivated throughout the journey. As an additional bonus, you can track how much money you are saving each time you choose not to have a cigarette. Plus, it shows the hours of life you save and how your circulation is improving.

7. Streaks

The Streaks app is a to-do list that aims to help you form good habits. Users can track up to twenty-four goals you want to complete all day. It then shows you how many days you have achieved your goals in the form of a streak. Inbuilt goals have a matching icon, and you can choose from various icons for custom goals. The app can also sync with your smartwatch allowing you to track goals on the go.

The above are just some of the best wellness apps you can use to create better habits and boost your health this year. If you are looking to improve mental, or physical health set yourself up for success by ensuring you have the right tools available.

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