All about the fitness and health lifestyle
All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Best Workplace Wellness Ideas for Businesses

Last Updated:
March 14, 2023

Best Workplace Wellness Ideas for Businesses

As an employer, ensuring your employees are happy and content with their work is an important consideration. However, you mustn’t forget to consider their physical and mental wellness as well. Workplace wellness reaches far beyond good health insurance, consider some of these workplace wellness ideas to boost overall employee health.

Adding workplace wellness to your business doesn’t need to be expensive, however, it does require a little time and effort.

1. Start and Office Sports Team

Many sports have a fun adult league option. Investigate what leagues are in your area and see who is interested in playing. Then, sign up and create your team! Ensure the focus is more on teamwork, fun, and fitness rather than competition. Consider hosting an end-of-season dinner or lunch for all those in the team.

2. Offer Time Off for Health

Ensure your employees have the time to manage their health appropriately, by offering paid time off. It can be difficult for employees to make necessary appointments outside of working hours, so by offering paid time-off it eases the stress. Also, consider offering paid sick days for employees, this way employees who feel under the weather can stay home without stress. This is turn, stops the spread of illnesses, meaning fewer employees are sick overall.

3. Offer Mental Health Resources

Offering mental health resources like app access to meditation, or mental health apps can help support employee mental health. Often single subscriptions to these apps are expensive, however, a business or enterprise membership is affordable for businesses. Encourage employees to use the resources.

4. Create a Nap or Relaxation Room

Often employees may need some downtime to destress or recuperate. By having a quiet space, with a comfortable couch and some books or puzzles can be the perfect place for a quick break. This can be especially beneficial for those working on big projects that are getting overwhelmed.

5. Allow Pets One Day a Week

Petting a dog or cat can offer various health benefits. By making your office pet friendly one day a week, employees can destress and socialize. This can improve morale and communication while encouraging exercise as people take their pets out throughout the day. However, ensure that you consider any allergies or phobias before introducing this new policy.

6. Offer Flexible Working Hours

As we know, some people are more productive in the morning, and others in the afternoon or evening. If it is possible for your workplace, consider implementing flexible working hours. Instead of having strict 9 to 5 hours, allow employees to start earlier or later as long as they work the total required hours. Furthermore, allow employees to take a longer lunch break if they need to, or get out for a quick run or workout during the day. Flexible work schedules help to improve productivity and build trust between the employer and employee.

7. Host Fitness Contests

One of the best ways to promote physical wellness within the workplace is to host a fitness contest. There are several ways you can do this, and many ways to make it fair for all employees no matter their starting fitness level. Encourage participation and offer point-based rewards rather than a winner takes all system. This will not only keep employees motivated but can increase participation.  As well, be sure to have refreshments ready for post-contest morale building including focus drinks!

Use the workplace wellness ideas above to help promote better health and morale in your business. Make wellness a priority and aim to support your employees in every way possible. After all, they are the reason your business is as successful as it is.

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