All about the fitness and health lifestyle
All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Bodyweight Workouts that Help you Get Fit at Home

Last Updated:
December 14, 2021

Bodyweight Workouts

Looking to get fit at home, without spending a fortune on equipment? The bodyweight workouts below are great options to help you get into shape and build muscle at home. Not to mention, these exercises can be done absolutely anywhere! Bodyweight exercises can also help you improve your stability and mobility while increasing coordination. Start your at-home fitness journey and bulk up fast using the workouts below.

Bodyweight Leg Day

This workout features bodyweight exercises specifically to build and grow your leg muscles. This simple workout may surprise you, but lunges and squats really work. However, the big focus is on the repetitions, as you must rely on set quantities to build the muscle without extra weight. This workout consists of 2 rounds of the following exercises;

  • 50 Conventional Squats
  • 25 Reverse Lunges on each leg, for a total of 50
  • 50 Wide Stance Squats
  • 25 Lateral Lunges on each leg, for a total of 50
  • 30 Jumping Jacks
  • 25 Glute Bridges

Throughout this workout, you should focus on keeping your core engaged. Also, ensure you wear appropriate footwear to avoid slipping during the lunge portion. To help keep your balance during squats and lunges, drive pressure through your heels with minimal pressure on the balls of your feet.

Bodyweight Shoulder and Bicep Day

By utilizing push-ups you can build muscle while improving your posture. However, it is crucial that you do the push-ups correctly to get the proper benefits. Push-ups not only work your shoulders and biceps but also improve your core strength.  This workout may seem easier than leg day due to having fewer repetitions, however, you will definitely feel the effects.  Complete 4 rounds of the following exercises to complete your shoulder day workout at home.

  • 8 Push-ups
  • 20 second Plank
  • 8 Skull Crushers
  • 4 Diamond Push-ups
  • 8 Skull Crushers
  • 20-second Static Hold Bear Crawl
  • 8 Push-ups

As this workout can put significant pressure on your wrists, ensure you rest for at least 3 minutes between rounds. Additionally, loosen your shoulders and get your breathing back to normal before starting the next round. To help keep proper push-up form, keep your shoulders pushed back and down during the exercise. As with leg day, keep your core engaged throughout.

Bodyweight Core Clock Workout

Many people disregard core workouts, especially as they engage their core while performing other exercises. However, focusing on your core one day a week not only helps abdomen definition but helps build overall strength. This workout is based on working your core while boosting mobility. Each exercise is completed in a clock formation. Imagine there is a giant clock drawn on the floor, each number represents how long you hold the position for, or how many repetitions to do before moving around the clock. For example, for mountain climbers, you would start at the 12 o’clock position,  complete 12 mountain climbers. Then while in a plank position, shuffle your body to the 1 o’clock position, and complete 1 mountain climber, continue until you are back to 12 o’clock. This method helps build muscle faster by pushing your body to the limit. Perform the following exercises 3 times to complete the workout.

  • Core Clock mountain climbers (one mountain climber = both legs)
  • Core Clock Plank to Pikes
  • Rest for 2 minutes
  • Core Clock Ab Rollouts (use socks or a paper plate to slide your hands)

Ensure you rest long enough between rounds, and take breaks when needed. The best indication of needing a break during a core workout is pain in your lower back. To avoid injury, ensure you keep your core tight throughout, stopping when this is no longer possible. Take your time and use slow, controlled movements for the best results.

Using the above workouts can help you to boost your strength, increase your fitness levels and increase mobility. Performing bodyweight workouts requires a different mental and physical discipline than typical workouts. This is due to the large number of repetitions and the amount of focus required. However, if you use these workouts in conjunction with other at-home workouts, it is easier to stick to, and your body and mind will soon see the results.


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