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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Burn Boot Camp Vs F45: Which is Better?

Last Updated:
March 12, 2024

Burn Boot Camp Vs F45: Which is Better?

Going to fitness classes is a great way to get fit and have fun. However, with so many different class types, how do you find the best one for your needs? If you want an intense class that promotes high energy and fun, Burn Boot Camp or F45 may work for you. Below we look in depth at Burn Boot Camp vs. F45 to see which is better.


Membership costs are often an important factor when deciding on a workout class. Both Burn Boot Camp and F45 have similar monthly fees, with most locations charging an average of $150 USD. For Burn Boot Camp this gets you into unlimited classes, whereas for F45 you get 8 classes. At F45 you can upgrade your membership for another $50 USD to take unlimited classes. Individual drop classes range from $25 - $30 USD for both Burn Boot Camp and F45. Finally, while costs are similar, F45 are privately owned which means your membership is only valid at your location, whereas Burn Boot Camp memberships can be used at locations across the US.

Facilities and Amenities

Burn Boot Camp and F45 are built for HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training Classes which means the equipment is similar at both. Both classes feature training blocks, weights, and resistance bands,  However, the other facilities and amenities vary.

Burn Boot Camp

One of the biggest draws of Burn Boot Camp locations is the childcare center. Childcare services are included in every membership, meaning you don’t have to worry during your workout. Other amenities of Burn Boot Camp include:

  • Storage cubbies or lockers
  • Changing rooms, however, not all locations have showers
  • Front desk attendant, with beverages available for purchase
  • One-on-one nutrition and training advice


At the F45 studios, there are often more unique pieces of equipment like weighted sleds for classes. Otherwise, the equipment is much the same as Burn Boot Camp. Other amenities include:

  • Front desk attendant
  • Cubbies at the front for your items, sometimes lockers
  • Bathrooms, however, not all have showering facilities

Workout Details

Now for the most important part, the workout itself. Both classes offer a HIIT circuit design to improve overall strength and cardio.

Burn Boot Camp

At Burn Boot Camp, workouts are 45 minutes and focus on a different muscle group each day. Typically, Monday will be core, Tuesday is upper body, Wednesday is bodyweight full body, Thursday is lower body, Friday is cardio full body and Saturday is full body strength. All locations are closed on Sundays ensuring there is always a rest day. Workouts begin with a 3-5 minute workout before beginning the circuit. Cool-downs are not included in the class, but members are encouraged to stretch and take their time after class.


At F45 workouts are 45 minutes, and each day is a different circuit. Typically, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday are more cardio-focused, Tuesday and Thursday focus of strength and Saturday offers a mix of cardio and strength. This makes planning what day to workout on easier, depending on what your goal is. Classes start with a 5-minute warmup followed by the circuit and a short cool-down at the end.

So, Burn Boot Camp vs F45, which is better? It comes down to you and your personal preference, or which is closer to you. Both offer very similar workouts, though Burn Boot Camp tends to be a little bit more intense than F45. We recommend you take advantage of the free classes both businesses offer and test them to see which you prefer and which works best with your daily life and goals.

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