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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Burn Boot Camp vs Fit Body Boot Camp: Which is Better?

Last Updated:
March 26, 2024

Burn Boot Camp vs Fit Body Boot Camp

Boot Camp classes are a great way to improve your fitness and lose weight. They also encourage community while adding structure to a workout routine. However, there are a number of boot camp classes to choose from, with Burn Boot Camp and Fit Body Boot Camp being two of the most popular. So, which is better? Below we look into both classes to see which is the better choice to help you achieve your fitness goals.


Both Burn Boot Camp and Fit Body Boot Camp workouts take under an hour and deliver an intense workout. Below are more details about each class type and style.

Burn Boot Camp

These classes are 45-minutes long and run several times a day Monday through Saturday. Each day has a different focus, allowing you to choose the days that meet your fitness goals. The basic schedule is;

  • Monday’s are for core strength
  • Tuesdays have an upper-body focus
  • Wednesdays are bodyweight full-body
  • Thursdays have a lower-body focus
  • Friday is cardio full-body
  • Saturday is full-body strength

Each class includes a 3-5 minute warm-up, followed by a 40-minute intense workout, most exercises have modifications for those with bad joints, injuries, or other restrictions. After the class, attendees are encouraged to stay and stretch, though this is not facilitated by a trainer.

Fit Body Boot Camp

These classes are just 30 minutes long and run several times every day. The signature workout at Fit Burn Boot Camp is the Afterburn class. This class combines High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Active Rest Training. All attendees should expect to be moving throughout the entire 30-minute class as the rest periods between HIIT exercises are instead filled with jogging or stretching. This technique keeps your heart rate up while giving muscles a slight rest.


Attendees at both boot camps have seen a significant increase in stamina, and seen weight loss. However, for best results, classes should be combined with a healthy diet.

Burn Boot Camp

As each day has a different focus, attendees can opt into classes that meet their goals. For example, if you wanted to prioritize upper body strength and general fitness you would be best attending classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The required rest day on Sunday also ensures the body has ample time to rest and recover, thus reducing the chance of strains and injuries.

Fit Body Boot Camp

The signature workout formula of HIIT and Active Rest Training work together to decrease body fat while increasing strength, endurance, and overall health. However, these workouts may be tough for those with restrictions, injuries, or joint issues. This is due to the constant movement required throughout the class. While modifications are available, attendees say the modified exercises didn’t seem to offer the same results.


Both Burn Boot Camp and Fit Body Boot Camp include nutritional advice in their membership fees. Both also have a bare-bones structure with some locations only having washrooms rather than shower facilities. Both boot camp options offer a great sense of community and are very welcoming to newcomers.


As both boot camp options are franchised, prices do vary depending on location. On average, Burn Boot Camp is $150 USD per month which includes unlimited classes. Most locations also offer a free 7-day trial. Drop-in classes at Burn Boot Camp are usually $25 - $30 USD. Fit Body Boot Camp has an average price of $197 USD for unlimited classes. Many locations offer a three-day free trial option.

So when it comes to Burn Boot Camp vs Fit Body Boot Camp, which is better? Both offer a unique boot camp experience, with Fit Body charging slightly more for their signature workout. Both hire trained coaches, and nutritionists to give advice and ensure you are getting the most from your workout. Our recommendation is to try a free trial at each to see which you prefer in terms of workout style, coaches, and atmosphere.

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