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Does a Household Appliance Warranty Cover all Repairs? All You Need to Know About Household Appliance Warranty

Last Updated:
March 11, 2023
Kay Nicole

Does a Household Appliance Warranty Cover all Repairs? All You Need to Know About Household Appliance Warranty

Household appliances have gradually become an integral part of our lives. From cooking to laundry, these gadgets take some burden off our busy daily schedules. But, just as with any machine, they can break down unexpectedly.  Causes may include manufacturer defects, power fluctuations, or poor installation.

Consequently, almost all home appliance manufacturers through their retailers/retail outlets give consumers a warranty after purchase. Depending on the terms and conditions, a warranty may last between one to three years or more depending on the product. With it, a customer gets the equipment repaired or replaced when it breaks down within the warranty period. However, not all faults are covered under a manufacturer’s warranty. Also, what happens when the gadgets break down after the warranty period; can you afford the expensive repairs?

The above scenarios make it prudent for homeowners to purchase a special household appliance warranty to protect expensive home appliances and systems. So, what is a home appliance warranty, and does it cover all repairs?

What is an appliance warranty?

An appliance warranty protects you from the expensive repair cost of major home appliances. It may provide you with a repair/replacement cover in case of an appliance breakdown. Provided by a third-party warranty company, it can cover multiple appliances depending on the package you sign up for. Premiums are paid monthly or annually.

You can have an appliance warranty as part of a comprehensive home warranty plan. An appliance warranty may run concurrently or overlap your manufacturer’s warranty. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that you won’t be hit by an unexpected cost.

Does a household appliance warranty cover all repairs?

Like any other warranty package, an appliance warranty may have its limits based on the type of plan you have. Most warranty companies have different plans coming at different prices. The more coverage, the more the monthly or annual payments. It is critical to know the terms and conditions when signing a home warranty or an appliance warranty.

What does it cover

A basic appliance warranty plan may cover all faults resulting from a manufacturer’s defect and other non-accidental faults. The company absorbs the cost of all the parts and components needed for the repair and workmanship. A premium plan provides you extensive coverage, in terms of the faults and damages it covers. It may even go further to replace the appliance with a new one if it is damaged beyond repairs. To receive warranty benefits, the said appliance must be covered by your warranty policy. With that, you will receive cover if:

  • The damaged part is within what your plan covers.
  • The components and parts needed for the repair are covered
  • The repair cost must be within the price cap your plan offers

What it doesn’t cover

Not every fault is covered by an appliance warranty even if you have an extensive plan. There is always an exemption/limitation, to protect warranty companies from malicious claims. If not, some consumers can intentionally damage their appliances to claim a warranty. You won’t receive a claim if

  • The damaged appliance is not covered by your plan
  • Misuse and abuse of the appliance
  • Faults caused by neglect and accidents
  • Improper operation of the appliance
  • If the age of the appliance exceeds what your plan caters to

If the repair cost exceeds the price cap for your plan, you will need to pay for the balance. To be on the safer side, inquire about the extent of coverage before buying a plan.

How to file an appliance warranty claim 

Before filing for an appliance warranty claim, be sure that you’ve read the terms and conditions and that the said fault is covered. If your claim is genuine, you can now

  • Contact your warranty company about the fault. You can do this through email, phone calls, or by visiting the local office. You need to provide the details of the appliance including the model number and issue with it.
  • You will need to fill out a warranty claim to make your claims official. You will be provided a form online, or during an office visit.
  • Afterward, schedule a service appointment. Most appliance warranty companies have technicians and other service providers they work with. A technician will be assigned to you for fact-finding and repair.
  • In case of delays, do a follow-up on your claim to get the needed attention and service.


Considering the current cost of home appliances and repair costs, it is prudent to have an appliance warranty to cushion you in case of damage. Don’t only rely on the manufacturer’s warranty as it’s only valid for a limited period. Go a step further by purchasing a warranty plan for all your priced home appliances. Ensure that you’ve read all the terms and conditions before signing a contract.

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