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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Eating to Prevent Cancer and Disease

Last Updated:
December 2, 2021

Eating to Prevent Cancer

Can what you consume prevent cancer and disease? William Li believes it can. In his TED Talk he presents a new way of treating cancer and disease through food. However, not just any food, the key is to eat anti-angiogenesis foods. So, how does this work, and what foods are included? Keep reading to find out!

What is angiogenesis and its connection to cancer and disease?

The process of new blood cells developing within the body is called angiogenesis. Blood cells are the vessels of life, which our body regulates to ensure the blood cells are where they need to be. Chemical signals within our bodies usually control the angiogenesis system. However, research shows that there are various issues that can cause our body to stop replacing or regulating blood cells when needed. These issues manifest in many diseases, including arthritis, cancer, obesity, stroke, and heart disease. With many of these diseases, they block the growth or movement of new blood cells. Cancer, however, is where abnormal cells grow and hijack the balanced angiogenesis system. If the cancerous cells successfully hijack your angiogenesis system the tumor will grow.

So, what is anti-angiogenesis?

Anti-angiogenesis helps to cut off the blood supply to the cancerous area. Effectively stopping the growth of blood cells or the angiogenesis system in that area. Most cancer patients will receive anti-angiogenesis drugs to help with this, however, studies show eating certain foods to help prevent cancer in the first place.

Foods containing natural anti-angiogenesis

There are many foods that contain natural anti-angiogenesis foods, which means they help stop the abnormal growth of blood cells. Studies also show that eating a combination of these foods can further improve your health and lessen your chances of disease and cancer. Below are just some of the foods you can eat to help fight any abnormal blood cell growth in your body.

- Berries; blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries

- Citrus; oranges, lemons, and grapefruit

- Fruits; apples, pineapple, cherries, tomatoes, and red grapes.

- Drinks; red wine, green tea

- Spices; turmeric, nutmeg, ginseng

- Leafy Greens; bok choy, kale, and parsley

- Oils; olive oil, and grape seed oil

- Vegetables; artichoke, and pumpkin

- Other foods; dark chocolate, tuna, maitake mushroom, and garlic

How do we know it works?

Much of the research around anti-angiogenesis foods first began in 2010. However, many studies since then have also corroborated the results. Many studies focus on Mediterranean diets, which are known to help prevent coronary heart disease. In 2019 this study also found that the same diet helps to prevent cancer through natural anti-angiogenesis foods. This is due to the biologically active compounds found throughout. For example, lycopene in tomatoes, omega 3 fatty acids in fish, lactoferrin in dairy, and resveratrol in fruits and red wine. All of these biological compounds help to strengthen your angiogenesis system, to prevent abnormal growth.

So, does eating to prevent cancer and disease work?

To a certain extent, yes. Everyone has the ability to strengthen their bodies and immune systems to help prevent cancer and disease. However, no matter how many anti-angiogenesis foods you eat, you could still face disease and cancer. This is because there are other causes at play as well. As there are many things we cannot control, you should focus on what you can. Thus, you can help ensure you are as healthy as possible, staying hydrated, eating anti-angiogenesis foods, and consuming a variety of bioactive compounds. Combining these will ensure that you have the best chance of fighting off any potential disease or cancer.

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