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Find a Remote Job with these Worker Job Boards

Last Updated:
December 8, 2021

Find a Remote Job

Work-from-home positions are one of the most desirable work conditions for many people. This has only increased over the past few years with advances in technology and of course, the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, during the pandemic, a Global Workplace study found that 88% of workers worked from home at least once a week. Of this, 67% had not worked from home before 2020. So, as remote work continues to be a popular option, many people are looking to transition to this full-time. However, how do you find a remote job if your workplace doesn’t offer the option? Below are some tips on how to find remote work on some of the best worker job boards.

Finding Out What Kind Of Remote Worker You Are

Before starting your work remote job search, you should know exactly what you are looking for. To do this, consider the following circumstances and benefits you require for your lifestyle. Also, consider your skills and qualifications. For example, there is currently a nursing shortage, so many hospitals are offering online consultations. If you are a qualified nurse this could be an option for you. Or, if you are skilled in web design, digital marketing, or reviewing analytics, there are various digital IT jobs available.

Flexibility vs. Stability

There are various work situations and contract options for remote jobs. If you require stability, choosing a full-time or part position will be ideal. As an employee, you will likely have set hours, thus a set income. However, if you want more flexibility you can consider becoming a freelancer. As a freelancer you can set your hours, offering ultimate flexibility, but with less financial security.

Benefits and Paid Time Off

Many companies will offer benefits to all employees, both remote and onsite. These benefits often include paid time off, 401(k), health insurance, and more. However, if you choose a freelance position you will not receive benefits as you are not an employee. This is something to consider as you will be solely responsible for organizing your own insurance and budgeting/saving for vacation time.


As mentioned earlier, as an employee you will likely have set hours. If you have a particular schedule that you need, either look for jobs with the option or discuss it with your employer. As a freelancer, this is also something you should discuss with your client. Especially, if you need to frequently communicate with them throughout the project you are working on.

Keep the above preferences in mind while you try to find a remote job. Knowing what your ideal workweek looks like can help you to find the perfect position as either an employee or as a freelancer.

Where to Look for a Remote Job?

Finding a remote job isn’t particularly easy, even with the rising popularity. To find a remote job, you may have to network and directly contact companies. There is definitely a networking journey involved. However, if you are unsure of where to begin and how to find companies hiring remote workers, check out the job boards below.

This job board website is great for new remote workers. Company pr are easy to view, as are any recent job postings. As an added bonus there is a Q&A section where companies answer frequently asked questions about remote work.

A great job board with listing in many different categories for remote workers. If you are a developer, want to work in digital marketing, copywriter or more, Remote Tech Jobs has thousands of job listings that you can explore today. Use the site's search function to search remote jobs by technology, company, or keywords.

We Work Remotely

This job board has over 3000 companies currently registered. You can easily explore various remote jobs while learning more about each company.  The search function makes it simple to search by job title or location.

Looking to work for a startup? The majority of the positions advertised on Remotive are for new companies looking to solidify their share of the market. You can easily browse the positions available or look up individual companies to learn more about them. The company search function also enables you to select only actively hiring companies, helping you to narrow your search.


This is the best place for you to begin your networking journey. Remember to optimize your LinkedIn profile for the best results. Then, join remote-friendly LinkedIn groups, these can help you not only build your network but also help you learn more about various remote job roles.

Starting a job search can be stressful, especially when venturing into the remote workforce. However, if you truly want the flexibility to work anywhere and possibly live a nomadic life, remote work could be for you. Use the resources and tips above to find a remote job that works for you.

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