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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Gear You Need If You Want To Take Up Skiing

Last Updated:
March 29, 2024
Kaylin Ging

skier in neon green, black, and white snowsuit going fast down a mountain.

Skiing is a fun and active hobby that will teach you new skills and keep you healthy. If you want to take up skiing, learn what gear you need below.

Skis and Ski Poles—Obviously

At the heart of skiing equipment are, obviously, the skis and ski poles. As a beginner, you should start with shorter skis for better control, working your way up to longer ones suitable for faster speeds. Ski poles help with balance and propulsion, so pick the right length based on your height for maximum control.

Merino Wool Base Layers

Temperature control and comfort start with good base layers. Merino wool base layers are a top choice among skiers for their ability to regulate body temperature, manage moisture, and prevent odors.

Snow Pants

Next up are snow pants, designed to keep you dry and warm. Quality snow pants come with insulation and waterproofing technology, essential for sitting on snowy chairlifts and enjoying après-ski activities in comfort. Look for pants with venting options to manage your body temperature and plenty of pockets for your essentials. Additionally, suspenders are a popular skiing accessory because they hold up your snow pants, so consider buying a pair to ensure the most comfort on the slopes.

Super High-Quality Jacket

A high-quality ski jacket is your outer shield against the elements. Invest in a jacket with both waterproof and windproof capabilities. Additional features like a snow skirt, sealable cuffs, and ample pocket space will be nice, keeping the snow out and your belongings safe.


Visibility in the mountains can change in an instant, making goggles an essential piece of equipment. They protect your eyes not just from the sun’s glare but also from wind, snow, and debris. Interchangeable lenses for different light conditions are a bonus feature that you might want.

A Helmet

Safety should always come first, which is why a helmet is indispensable. Modern ski helmets are lightweight and comfortable and come with features like adjustable vents and compatibility with goggles. They not only protect your head from impacts but also provide extra warmth on cold days.


To keep your hands warm and dry, a good pair of waterproof and insulated gloves is a must. Look for gloves with a grip-friendly surface for holding your ski poles and touchscreen compatibility so you can use your phone without exposing your hands to the cold.

A GPS Fitness Tracker

A GPS fitness can track your speed, distance covered, elevation gain, and more, helping you analyze your performance and make improvements where necessary. This device will be your trusty companion as you train on the slopes, so invest in the best one for you. Apple and Garmin are popular brands for these devices, so researching whether Apple or Garmin watches are better is a good place to start.

If you want to take up skiing, then you need to invest in this gear to ensure you’re prepared for your snowy adventures. Spend time gathering your supplies so you can hit the slopes with confidence and fully enjoy this thrilling, healthy sport!

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