All about the fitness and health lifestyle
All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Health and Fitness Tips for Women in Their 50’s

Last Updated:
January 17, 2023
Kay Nicole

Health and Fitness Tips for Women in Their 50’s

As a Georgian woman surrounded by sweet tea and Coca-Cola, you know how easy it is to pack a few extra pounds. You haven't spent a day out without devouring a delicious piece of peach cobbler or maybe that spicy McChicken sandwich that just spoke to you. We get it. Living in Atlanta can make it hard to stay healthy and fit.

But hey, there are also opportunities to kick into gear and whip yourself into shape. You're working those long-rusted joints and muscles even if you just walk to the grocery store to avoid Downtown's notorious traffic. Or maybe you can enjoy many of Atlanta's green spaces while stretching in a yoga class.

So, don't worry, girl. Your flexibility, strength, and energy aren't lost for good. Here are a few tried-and-true tips on how to stay healthy and fit as a U.S citizen:

Make It a Priority:

If 'tomorrow' is a better day to start your health journey, you'll be stuck in the same spot all week. Instead, prioritize your fitness by creating a plan and sticking to it. Making small goals like five-minute workout sessions or a twenty-minute walk will help kickstart your commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

Remember, developing a habit takes only 21 days, so don't give up!

Take Advantage of Atlanta's Excellent Medical Care:

Back pain and exhaustion are common for many of us, especially women. But with the excellent healthcare options in Atlanta, you can get help when needed. A few main areas that women in the '50s often need help with are:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Weight loss
  • Hormone therapy
  • Nutrition counseling

These services are great for helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. Explore the services offered by EPM Atlanta and find what's right for you.

Use Outdoor Spaces for Good:

Atlanta is full of outdoor spaces like Piedmont Park, Chastain Park, and the Atlanta Beltline. These areas offer plenty of opportunities to stay active such as running, biking, or even just walking. Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while getting your daily dose of physical activity!

Certain health restrictions can indeed make it difficult to be outdoors. In that case, you can take advantage of the city's indoor spaces like gyms, yoga studios, and neighborhood workout classes.

Check Out Group Fitness Classes:

Those group fitness classes can help you when the motivation starts slipping away. Not only will you be working out with a group of people, but the energy and enthusiasm of the class can help keep you going.

Some age-appropriate classes you can check out include Zumba, water aerobics, or even boot camps. When choosing a course, ensure it's tailored to your fitness level and goals. You might have to discuss your fitness journey with the instructor to ensure you get the most out of your class.

Recharge Your Brain:

Do you feel your memory isn't as sharp as it used to be? Are you no more the puzzle-solving whiz kid that you once were? Don't worry; there's a way around it - exercise! According to research, physical activity helps your brain release endorphins, which helps improve concentration and memory.

Exercises with the most promising brain-boosting benefits include walking, running, and swimming. You can also keep those neurons firing at full blast by doing brain-teasing activities like crosswords, puzzles, or sudoku.

Stay Hydrated:

We can't stress this enough- stay hydrated! Drinking plenty of water helps your body maintain its temperature and lubricate your joints. Plus, water also replenishes the fluids lost during sweating. So, if you're exercising regularly or spending long hours outdoors in the summer heat, remember to stay hydrated and drink water often.

You can add flavor to your H2O by adding fruits or herbs such as cucumber, lemon, mint leaves, or berries. These have a cleansing effect and help maintain your body's pH.

Eat the Most Nutritious Foods:

The time when you could carelessly munch on junk food without being conscious of its effects has passed. Your metabolism isn't as fierce, so it's time to make thoughtful food choices.

We know that healthy eating requires extra effort, but the benefits are worth it!

Eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can help you maintain your energy levels throughout the day. Plus, these foods are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can help you stay healthy. You must also incorporate more protein sources to keep your muscles strong and healthy.

Get Regular Preventative Screenings:

It's important to get regular preventative screenings and check-ups, especially as you age. Regular testing can help catch any health issues before they become more serious.

Some screenings you should consider include mammograms, colonoscopies, and Pap smears. Discuss your health needs with a healthcare professional to decide which tests are necessary.

Final Thoughts:

We all lead busy lives with hectic schedules that make it difficult to prioritize our health, but with these tips, you'll be well on your way to being fit and healthy!

Remember that the key to success is consistency- so don't give up if you feel like you do not see results fast enough. You're no longer doing it for anyone else- you're doing it for yourself. So, stay motivated and make healthy lifestyle choices!

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