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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

How to Balance Running and Strength Training

Last Updated:
November 29, 2022

Balance Running and Strength Training

When it comes to working out one must use additional workout styles to help improve their overall performance. You may have heard that as a lifter, running will eat away at your muscles. Or, perhaps you are a runner that is scared of gaining too much muscle weight through strength training. Both of these concepts are incorrect, and in fact, managing to balance running and strength training can actually make you a much better athlete.

How Strength Training Can Help Runners

As a distance runner, you likely haven’t spent much time inside the gym. Especially, not past the cardio section, but you should change that. Strength training can be simple and when done correctly, enhance your running (in addition to allowing for the appearance of your six-pack). Using cable weight machines is the ideal way to build strength, and they provide a full-body workout. These motorized, constant resistance machines minimize stress on the joints, which minimizes injury risk. Less stress on your joints is beneficial as running is a high-impact exercise. For the best results, work on exercises that focus on your lower body and core.

Still not convinced? Below are 2 of the biggest benefits of strength training for runners.

1. Improves Running Efficiency

As a distance runner, you must be able to run long distances while preventing premature fatigue. Strength training helps your body learn to move more efficiently, and improves your form. Furthermore, lifting weights increases your muscle strength, which helps prevent muscle injuries.

2. Reduces Injury Risks

Strength training can help to minimize overall running injuries. This is because your muscles and tendons are getting stronger through the use of weight-lifting exercises. Furthermore, strength training can help with injury recovery, as long as you don’t try to lift too much, or too fast.

How Running Can Help Weightlifters

As a weightlifter, adding running or jogging into your exercise regimen can help diversify your training.  By building up your endurance through cardio, you can lift more weight, for more reps. This means you can actually build muscle faster than those who opt out of cardio completely. Start out by incorporating a jogging warmup into your strength workout. Ideally, you should break a sweat but not be feeling fatigued in your legs. After all, you’ll still need to be steady for those larger lifts. Below are a few of the best benefits of running for weightlifters.

1. Improves Endurance and Strength

As we mentioned above, running can actually help you lift more. This is because regular cardio helps you to breathe more efficiently. In turn, this allows you to control your heart rate and minimize fatigue during your strength training. As your cardiovascular system works more efficiently, you’ll find you can complete more reps.

2. Increases Mental Stamina

As a weightlifter, mental stamina is important, especially as you begin to lift heavier weights. Running can be difficult, especially when starting out but, it helps to build great mental stamina. Training yourself to run, gives you the ability to talk yourself into pushing through to get that extra mile or final 30 seconds. This then helps you with the discipline you need for weightlifting. After all, mental stamina is what helps with preparing yourself for a personal weight record or struggling through a difficult set.

As you can see learning to balance running and strength training makes you a better overall athlete. So, whether you are a runner, or a weightlifter, incorporating a range of exercises into your routine is key. After all, building strength and stamina is key for both.

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