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How to Live the Nomadic Lifestyle via AirBnB's

Last Updated:
September 23, 2021

live the nomadic lifestyle

With working remotely now becoming commonplace, more people are embracing the idea of nomadic living. To make life even easier, many looking to live the nomadic lifestyle are doing so via the use of AirBnB’s. Many AirBnB hosts use this to help with their real estate investment so they can also travel without worrying about payments. In fact, it’s been so popular for AirBnB and  Louisville real estate investors over the past 18 months that AirBnB even gave 12 people the opportunity to exclusively travel and work for a year. These participants have a travel allowance and will not pay for any accommodation during the 12 months. So, how do you start to live the nomadic lifestyle using AirBnB’s?

Below are some tips to help you get started on your nomadic journey.

1. Update Your Travel Documents

Before booking any travel, check if your passport is up-to-date. This is less important if you plan to stay within the USA, however, if you plan to travel overseas you must ensure you have a valid passport and the correct visas. As a remote worker, you will likely not need work permits, but you should check each countries requirements before traveling. Always check the domain name to ensure you are on the required government website for regulations. Additionally, with the pandemic, you may need to show proof of vaccination and have a negative Covid-19 test before boarding your plane.

2. Decide Your Schedule

Work out how long you wish to stay in each location on your trip. Will you stay for several months in one city, then move on or will you be staying a week in each place. These are important details to work out before traveling internationally, but are less necessary if staying within the US. Remember, internet access may not be as stable in other areas around the globe, so it’s important to be prepared.

3. Research the Area

Once you choose where you want to go, the next step is to find the best neighborhood for your needs. If you are looking at staying in one place for several weeks or months, consider what amenities you need nearby. Knowing where the closest grocery store, laundromat, and post office will be can be helpful. Consider such things as restaurants, gyms, and coffee shops as well. You want to choose an area you can live in, not just visit for a weekend. These are extra details that can help ensure a smooth stay while you live a nomadic lifestyle. Also, researching commercial real estate opportunities in the area and visiting while on location can help if it turns out the location is one where you want to put down business roots.

4. Use the Filheters Correctly

As a nomad, there are certain requirements you may need in your AirBnB. If you work remotely this could include a reliable internet connection, a desk space, or an additional room if traveling with a partner or friend. You may also want a full kitchen to cook meals or a gym within the building. By utilizing the filter features correctly you can ensure there are no surprises when you arrive, such as weak or no wifi. Also, consider such things as parking requirements or EV charging. You can also ask the host about wifi speed and any additional details you require when you find a place you like to ensure it will meet your work needs.

So is the nomadic lifestyle for you? Why not try it to find out? Simply book an AirBnB in a different city for a month or two to see if you like it. For many people having travel freedom and a good work-life balance is key.  That’s why they choose to live a nomadic lifestyle and work remotely to fund it. You can either start by exploring the US or make the leap and move abroad, the choice is yours.

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