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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Hyperice Normatec Go Review: The Mobile Recovery Boot

Last Updated:
August 31, 2022
Kay Nicole

Mobile recovery boot Hyperice Normatec Go Review

Dealing with lower leg discomfort or tightness? In need of an easy yet effective recovery method to loosen and relax these muscles? Look no further than the Hyperice Normatec Go recovery boot. Bolster your current recovery routine by fastening your legs in these air compression boots a couple of times per week. Sit back, unwind, and set the control for a cool 25-minute gentle air massage. In this Normatec Go Review, we’ll give you all the information you need when considering this product.

Strength in Design

In previous models, Normatec struggled with building a product that was portable. However, portability was a major focus when designing the new Normatec Go. This product is much smaller and more compact than previous models, weighing a combined 1.2 pounds between both of the calf sleeves. With this, it is easier to pack and carry around and will fit easily into your gym bag.

Bluetooth accessibility is another new feature of the Normatec Go. The two units each have a control panel on the site and are pre-paired with each other. Using the Hyperice app, you can easily control the boots from your phone or tablet. This feature will allow you to adjust different settings such as time, pressure, etc. directly from your personal device. Not to worry, if you aren’t interested in downloading the app, you can control these features directly from the control panel on the boots.

Another new addition to the Go unit is the use of extra-elastic velcro straps to fasten the boots rather than the previously used zippers. This allows for much more flexibility and an overall better fit. This also means that the device can be strapped to other areas of the body such as your arms.

Potential Downside

To continue the Normatec Go review, it’s important to acknowledge any drawbacks. The only potential downside of this product to note is the limited range of muscles that the boots can be used on. With its smaller more compact size, you are limited to using this product on your calves. Although it wasn’t designed for it, you can also use it on your arms if needed. However, the Normatec Go doesn’t stretch enough to fit around bigger areas such as your thighs. This means your quads and hamstrings will be missing out.

Final Thoughts

Let’s reflect on the pros and cons of this Normatec Go review. The new additions and features added to the Normatec Go make the product extremely user-friendly. Although you’re limited in what areas of your body you can use the product, the centralized massage will still greatly benefit your lower legs. While you previously would’ve had to pay nearly $1,000 for a product like this, at $399, the Normatec Go is well worth the price point. The portability and design features allow you to take this product anywhere and use it at any time. Overall, if you’re looking for an additional product to stimulate your recovery routine, I would strongly consider investing in the Hyperice Normatec Go recovery boots.

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