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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Is Burn Boot Camp Better Than OrangeTheory?

Last Updated:
July 11, 2023

Is Burn Boot Camp Better Than OrangeTheory?

Are you looking for a calorie-burning, high-intensity workout class? Both Burn Boot Camp and OrangeTheory offer fitness classes that meet that requirement while offering very different experiences. So, which is best, and what are the differences? Keep reading to find out if Burn Boot Camp is better than OrangeTheory or vice versa.

What is Burn Boot Camp?

Burn Boot Camp offers group fitness classes that change every day. This means that every class each day is the same, but the workout changes day to day. For example, Monday is a core strength and conditioning class, whereas Tuesday is upper body strength and Wednesday is speed and agility cardio. This allows patrons to attend a class at the time that suits them, no matter the day. Burn Boot Camp allows users to choose which days they want to attend classes based on their own fitness goals.

What is OrangeTheory?

OrangeTheory offers the same basic workout every single day, at various times throughout the day. These workouts focus on overall endurance, body strength, and power. OrangeTheory uses Heart Rate Based Interval Training, monitoring your real-time results while in class and allowing users to customize the workout based on their heart rate. As each class is essentially the same, users know what to expect and can attend whenever their schedule allows.

As you can see, both workout options are very different, while offering a high-intensity, calorie burning class. Below are several more details to consider as you look to choose between the two.


Burn Boot Camp

Each location of Burn Boot Camp offers slightly different amenities, however, every location offers on-site childcare, a well-equipped workout studio, cardio, and strength training machines. There are also bathrooms on-site, and most locations also offer a locker room with showers, however, you may want to call and check first.


The facilities at OrangeTheory are very polished, with a crisp welcoming lobby. All locations offer locker rooms with showers, and a fully equipped gym space with weights, medicine balls, and cardio machines.


Burn Boot Camp

Prices at Burn Boot Camp depend on your contract length, the longer you commit, the more affordable they are. Furthermore, patrons can get a free 2-week trial to test out all the classes they are interested in. Memberships run between $100-$200 USD per month, and include unlimited classes, and one-on-one sessions with a trainer each month.


Prices vary by location, however, the first class is free, so you can test out the workout. After this, there are three different membership options to choose from

  • 4 classes per month at an average of $59 USD per month
  • 8 classes per month at an average of $99 USD per month
  • Unlimited classes per month at an average of $159 USD per month

Patrons must also use an OrangeTheory heart rate monitor, available for rent at $5-$10 USD per session, or purchase your own at around $90 USD.

The Community and Vibe

Burn Boot Camp

The vibe within Burn Boot Camp locations is quite relaxed, and welcoming. This is especially shown by the free childcare option, but it does mean that things can feel a little run down, or out-of-date. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable and will let you take the lead on what memberships or classes you want. This can be frustrating for introverts, or those new to fitness classes.


Everything within the OrangeTheory space is polished, and very corporate feeling. This is great for those who like a higher-end feel, but there is also a huge focus on sales. This means that they will always be friendly, but also try to upsell you at almost every opportunity. Unfortunately, many people find this a turn-off, and a little pushy.

So, is Burn Boot Camp better than OrangeTheory? This really comes down to your personal needs, budget, and workout goals. Burn Boot Camp is more affordable, offers free childcare, and has a variety of workouts to attend each week. However, OrangeTheory offers the same basic workout every day, which could be easier to fit into your schedule. The choice is really up to you.

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