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Is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation a Good Option for Elderly People?

Last Updated:
July 10, 2022

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

When it comes to aging and mobility, transportation is often a major concern. You want your loved ones to access health care services, but you also want them to be safe and comfortable. When considering non-emergency medical transportation for seniors, many factors should be considered. This article will look at:

  • What is non-emergency medical transportation?
  • Why does it matters so much when we are talking about elderly people? Especially when they need more help getting around than others in their age group do.
  • How is it different from regular transport services like taxis or ambulances?
  • How can you find the best option for your loved one's needs?

What is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

Non-emergency medical transportation is a good option for elderly people who need to go to the doctor but do not need to go to the emergency room. Suppose your grandmother has an appointment with her cardiologist in California. In that case, you can schedule non-emergency medical transportation in CA to take her there instead of driving her yourself.

The advantages of using non-emergency medical transportation include:

  • No stress or hassle for either party during the trip.
  • There's no risk of getting lost or missing an appointment because you're unsure where to go or what route to take.

Is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Costly?

Elders often have health problems that require regular medical treatment. It can be a burden for them because they are not as young as they used to be and are on a fixed income. They also have other expenses such as food, utilities, and rent that require all of their income. If they need to pay more than usual for transportation, they may not have enough money for other things like groceries or paying their bills on time. The average cost of non-emergency medical transportation is $3500 per year, which can add up quickly depending on how many trips you take throughout the year.

If your elder has Medicaid benefits, then your doctor may provide free non-emergency medical transportation services through Medicaid providers in your area. However, this does not apply everywhere. Otherwise, Medicare does usually cover the costs associated with getting around town. But it should relate directly to receiving specialty care or going back and forth between doctor's appointments.

How Can You Find the Best Option for Your Loved One?

When choosing the right medical transportation option for your loved one, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. The best way to find the right option is by asking them what they think would be best. The more questions you ask, the better equipped you'll be when making your decision.

Here are some of those questions:

  • What do you want?
  • Do you think this would be best for the situation?
  • What do you think would be most comfortable for this trip?
  • Is it going to work best with your schedule and budget?

With Proper Transportation, Elderly People Can Enjoy Better Quality of Life

Non-emergency medical transportation is a type of service that can be provided by any one of a variety of private companies, public companies, and taxi services. Because the government does not regulate these vehicles, you must research and ensure that they are both licensed and insured before they take you anywhere.

When considering non-emergency medical transportation services, it's important to remember that an emergency option is also available. If you need help right away due to illness or injury, then calling 911 will get the proper authorities involved so they can provide quick assistance they think necessary. For example, an ambulance ride would be appropriate if someone is having trouble breathing due to congestive heart failure or high blood pressure. However, if someone simply needs a ride somewhere because their car broke down, then hiring a taxi might suffice instead.

Find the Best Mode of Transportation

When it comes to your elderly loved ones, it's important to remember that transportation is a key component of their health and well-being. They may need access to healthcare services that are only available during the day or for appointments with specialists living outside their community. As long as you find the best mode of transportation, there is no reason your elderly loved one can't continue living a full life.

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is an excellent option for older people because it helps them maintain independence. It also ensures they get where they need to go safely and on time.


In conclusion, non-emergency medical transportation is a great option for elderly people who need to travel to their doctor appointments. You must find the right company, so your loved one has the best experience possible while they're getting there. With proper care and thoughtful planning, transporting elderly people in this way can help ensure their safety and comfort during their journey.

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