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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Overview of the Galloway Run Walk Method

Last Updated:
January 6, 2023

Overview of the Galloway Run Walk Method

How many times have you ran past someone walking, only to have them pass you running, then start walking again? Quite often, many people assume that person may be injured or struggling with stamina. However, it may just be that they are embracing the Galloway run walk method for training.

First, who is Galloway?

Jeff Galloway is a former US Olympic athlete with over 50 years of running experience. He created the run walk method that is now so popular when he opened his specialty running store in 1973. As a way to bring in customers, Jeff offered running classes but soon realized most of the customers hadn’t exercised in years. With this realization, Jeff added walking breaks into each class and changed the running pace based on breathing rates. This is where the run walk method began.

What is the Galloway run walk method?

The science behind the run walk method is that the walking breaks will help to significantly speed up recovery, as there is less damage to repair overall. Early walking breaks help to erase fatigue, while later walking breaks reduce or eliminate overuse of your muscles. Now, this method does not mean that you start walking once you get tired. Instead, you should be utilizing the method to avoid fatigue. Furthermore, walking breaks can help your body create more endorphins that allow you to recover mentally, and physically.

Is the Galloway run walk method, like interval training for runners?

Essentially, yes, and while Galloway did not create the method, he did popularize it. His method of interval running also helps reduce the overall impact of the activity on the body. This helps to minimize injuries and allows people to run further, or faster. Just like HIIT training, the Galloway run walk method helps runners improve endurance. Furthermore, it helps runners build a baseline, and reduces runners' fatigue, especially for beginners.

What are the key aspects of the run walk method of training?

Every run should be a combo of running, followed by a walking break. Repeat this until you complete your training run. Remember to intersperse intervals of running and walking. These should be planned before you head out of your run. The best way to find your pace, and walking break times is by using the Galloway Magic Mile calculator.

Benefits of the run walk method

While it can be difficult for experienced runners to embrace the run walk method, there are several benefits they should consider;

  1. Speed up your running time. On average those who convert to the run walk method users are 7 minutes faster in a 13.1 mile race. Furthermore, with the correct run walk pace, many are more 13 minutes in the marathon.
  2. Gives you more control over fatigue, and how you feel mentally during the run.
  3. More endorphins are released, making each run even more enjoyable.
  4. Breaks the distance up, making the mental game much easier.
  5. Recovery is sped up, as you experience less fatigue.
  6. Reduce the chance of injury
  7. Activates the frontal lobe, which aids in both motivation and attitude.

Using the Galloway run walk method can help even seasoned runners improve. After all, having more stamina, and less risk of injury is always a good thing. Furthermore, many converts to the Galloway method have now seen the results for themselves and beat their PB records.

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