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Preparing for The Next Holiday Trip: Top Things to Do When Visiting Montenegro

Last Updated:
November 27, 2022
Kay Nicole

Preparing for The Next Holiday Trip: Top Things to Do When Visiting Montenegro

Montenegro has long been considered a less-known gem of Europe and the Mediterranean. However, with the expansion of deluxe resorts and a myriad of events during summer, the little seaside country in the Balkans gained popularity, becoming one of the hottest spots in Europe. Tourists from outside the Balkan Peninsula visit more frequently as Montenegro offers affordable holidays. All without compromising the quality of service or the variety of attractions. If you're preparing for your next holiday trip, here's what you should do while visting Montenegro.

Visit Durmitor National Park

Are you looking forward to seeing some of Montenegro’s national treasures? Durmitor National Park is located in the Dinaric Alps. Prepare to spot 18 glacial lakes when you visit. It’s also home to the Tara River and the iconic Black Lake. Start your adrenaline-filled vacation by hiring a kayak and start your exploration of the crystalline waters. Not a fan of kayaking? You can also walk around the lake and pass historic caves. Feel free to enjoy a picnic on the Black Lake and enjoy the wildlife at its best. Durmitor National Park is also home to brown bears, wild boars, and over 150 bird species. During winter, it becomes the best location for skiing and snowboarding. The summer months offer plenty of opportunities for white-water rafting, camping, and hiking.

Lake Skadar is also worth seeing

On the border of Albania and Montenegro lies Lake Skadar. It is the largest natural lake in Southern Europe, hosting multiple species of wildlife, including an array of migratory birds. Go on a boat excursion to properly explore the lake and see the villages dotting it. Many villages were inhabited in the 13th century, which led to them becoming designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Check out the Pavlova Strana viewpoint because you will be able to witness one of the most iconic sights in this part of Europe – the horseshoe bend of the Rijeka Crnojevića River. The lavish green of the adjacent trees and mounds contrasted with the azure of the river is breathtaking at best.

Check out the main events

Aside from natural gems, Montenegro has a rich offer of events. Whether you'd like to enjoy music, theatre, sports or food, Porto Montenegro is one of the hottest spots offering everything you look for in a vacation. Some of the must-see events in Montenegro that we recommend include a jazz festival, fashion festival, and regattas for sailing lovers. Porto Montenegro is a melting pot of activities featuring an authentic blend of attractions that will astound tourists worldwide.

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Party in Budva

Budva has long been known as the hottest spot in Montenegro for clubbing. In Budva, you will stay at the nightclub until dawn and finish your party on the beach with the sounds of waves crashing against the shore. If you’re looking for a party-filled vacation, Budva is the place to stay in. You can find a full spectrum of accommodation options depending on your budget. From deluxe resorts and hotels to apartments and guest houses, Budva has it all for a comfortable and easy-going vacation.

Kotor will take your breath away

When you need a break from partying, head to Kotor. You must see this iconic jewel of Montenegro, Kotor's Old Town. Did you know it is one of the best-preserved fortified medieval towns on the Adriatic coast? Enjoy the Venetian-influenced architecture, and wander the maze of alleyways and streets as you marvel at the lovely Kotor's Old Town. Don’t miss the chance of tasting traditional food and trek up to the upper town walls to burn those calories afterward. Check out the stunning views as you climb up 1,345 steps and reach the San Giovanni Fortress. From here, you will admire Mount Vrmac, the Old Town, and the Bay of Kotor.

Visiting Montenegro will be a real delight as this little country in the Balkans offers everything a tourist could wish for. Delicious traditional food, rich nightlife scene, a myriad of natural gems to explore, and plenty of attractions across the country. On top of that, it won't cost a fortune to spend a week or two in this charming Mediterranean country. Book your vacation and include the previously listed activities in your itinerary for the ultimate vacation visiting in Montenegro.

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