All about the fitness and health lifestyle
All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Recommendations for Best Health Podcasts 2022

Last Updated:
July 14, 2022

Best Health Podcasts

Getting motivated can be difficult, but podcasts can help. By listening to health podcasts you don’t only gain insight and motivation but also knowledge. The knowledge and expertise of these hosts and their guests can help you through the most difficult days. Below are our recommendations for the best health podcasts for you.

1. On Purpose by Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty aims to have fascinating and insightful conversations with his guests that can help listeners find their purpose. Many of his podcasts go viral, and he has some big names as guests. New episodes release every Monday and Friday. They focus on mental health, love and relationships, work-life balance, work satisfaction, trauma healing, helpful apps, and more. With a range of topics and over 350 episodes, you’ll never get bored.

2. The Rich Roll by Rich Roll

Rich Roll is a vegan, ultra-endurance athlete, and shares his experiences on the podcast. He discusses how being vegan impacts his workouts and health while offering advice for anyone looking to improve their health, vegan or not. Rich and his guests aim to motivate listeners while giving advice on achieving their wellness goals. Every guest is passionate about health and wellness, aiming to give listeners tips to use in their daily lives, from exercise to diet to mental and physical health.

3. The Human Upgrade by Dave Asprey

Formerly known as Bulletproof Radio, The Human Upgrade helps people achieve better health and performance. As the founder of Bulletproof; a company selling high-performance food, drink, and vitamins, Dave Asprey is well known in the health world. Guests of this health podcast are experts in their field, whether that is biochemistry, nutrition, meditation, high-intensity workouts, and more. The best part of this podcast is that the experts talk the most, so you are sure to get key information about the topics in any of the 900+ episodes.

4. Revolution Health Radio with Chris Kesser

As an integrative medicine practitioner and licensed acupuncturist, Chris Kesser aims to debunk mainstream health myths. He offers both practical and informative information about health, nutrition, and medicine with the help of expert guests. All information is broken down to be easily understood, making complicated medical information digestible. Topics include everything from gut health and nutrient intake to benefits of the outdoors and rewiring the brain. With almost 200 episodes, new listeners can choose a category to start listening and learning.

5. Fat Burning Man by Abel James

The award-winning writer and podcaster, Abel James does not claim to have all the answers to good health. Instead, he encourages listeners to listen to their bodies, and become their own health experts. After all, only you can know how you feel after eating certain foods, exercising, or sleeping. The biggest aim of the podcast is to enable listeners to have the right attitude about health and fitness. Especially since having a strong mindset and clear goals can help you to stay on track and achieve what you want. An extra benefit of this podcast is the delicious recipes Abel James shares with his listeners and followers.

There you have it, our recommendations for the best health podcasts. Each podcast above offers motivation, education, and inspiration for anyone looking to better their health. From scientists to motivational speakers, these podcasts host a wide range of informative health and wellness experts, all of which aim to help you, the listener achieve your goals.

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