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Registering For a Medical Marijuana

Last Updated:
April 11, 2022
Kay Nicole

Registering For a Medical Marijuana

When treating existing health conditions, you want to be certain you have the best options available to properly care for yourself. A PA medical marijuana card gives you access to medical marijuana and other cannabis-related products to assist you in treating ailments and the associated symptoms they cause. In some states, getting a medical marijuana card is less complex and more affordable than you may think.

The Steps In Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

Getting a medical marijuana card is not complex provided you follow the proper steps. The state of Pennsylvania has a website dedicated to medical marijuana and your first step is to register at this website and receive a registration number. Your next step is to take your registration information and speak with a doctor. Luckily, this appointment can be done online in the form of a consultation. If you are approved for a medical marijuana card, you are then charged a fee of $149.00. Step three is to log into the state of Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana website to finish the application process for your card. The state will charge either $25 or $50 depending on your specific circumstances, as those in certain government programs will receive the cheaper rate. The final step will be your card arriving at your home via the mail service. Do note your card will need to be renewed on a yearly basis.

Covered Conditions

Medical marijuana is approved for several medical conditions. This is due to the wide range of uses medical marijuana has for users. Medical marijuana can help treat symptoms such as a lack of appetite, chronic pain, various mental health issues, sleep disorders, vomiting, neurological issues, and others. Ailments that commonly meet the threshold for a medical marijuana card include AIDS/HIV, cancer, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, epilepsy, glaucoma, IBS ailments, migraines, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, seizure disorders, Tourette's syndrome, and several others. If you are unsure if your condition qualifies, your doctor will be able to assist.

Ways To Use Medical Marijuana

An advantage of medical marijuana is that it can take many forms. Unlike other types of medicine, when you use marijuana as a medical treatment you can select a type that fits the way you want to approach treatment and use. For example, you can smoke marijuana, consume edibles such as candy, make use of various oils, creams, and even drink teas infused with CBD. This variety of ways to consume medical marijuana makes your daily treatment convenient and even fun. It makes your medical care a part of your daily life instead of an interruption.

Final Thoughts

Your healthcare is one of the most important responsibilities in your life. To properly care for yourself, you need access to all viable treatment methods and approaches. The use of marijuana as a medicinal tool has grown rapidly in recent years and is an accepted part of medical treatment. It is not something to look down upon or consider unusual. In addition, continued testing ensures medical marijuana will continue to develop into new and more effective forms in the future.

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