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Remote Jobs for the Nomad Lifestyle

Last Updated:
September 9, 2021

Remote Jobs for the Nomad Lifestyle

For many people living a nomadic lifestyle is a dream, one that often seems unattainable. After all, how do you earn a living without a fixed address? However,  with remote jobs, making money while on the road isn’t so difficult. All you need to pursue a nomadic lifestyle is an internet connection and a dedicated few hours or so several days a week. Plus, as living the nomad lifestyle is often cheaper than a traditional lifestyle, you can often work at your remote job less than 30 hours a week.

Below are just a few remote job options for you to consider.


Being a digital translator is the perfect job if you are already bilingual, or proficient in several languages. Translator roles can vary from translating news articles or short stories to translating whole books. There is also the option to create closed captions in English, Spanish, French, and more for YouTube and television channels. The majority of the translator jobs are freelance, enabling you to sign up for as many or few as you like within the gig economy. The average hourly pay for translator positions is $22-$25 USD. However, until you have a few references, some jobs may pay less.

Data Entry, Transcription, and Coding

Almost everyone can work as a data entry worker, however, there are commonly scam data entry positions. Ensure you find a legitimate data entry position by researching the company and previous reviews. Amazon, Apple, and Axion often hire for entry-level positions, so check their job listings first.  Now if you have more advanced computer skills, consider transcription positions. With these, you will be listening to a video or audio recording and typing exactly what has been said. Only apply for these jobs if you are well versed in typing, as jobs are typically paid per recording, not per hour.

Those with more advanced skills and knowledge of coding have even more options. Not only can you apply for remote positions checking website and search code, but you can also consider positions to build websites. Coding knowledge also gives you a chance to easily grow your reputation and get regular freelance positions. Knowing how to protect your clients from ransomware is also a critical advantage. Average pay varies per position, and most freelance options will be paid per job.

Tutor or Teacher

Advances in technology have greatly expanded the ability for teachers and tutors to work remotely. Not only is there the ability to teach English online in foreign countries, but you can also teach online within the US. Many homeschoolers use online teachers to help tutor and teach specific subjects like history or science. In addition to traditional teaching, those with a teaching degree can also get remote work as a curriculum developer, or textbook editor. The average hourly wage is typically $20-$24USD, however, this can be higher with more technical positions.

Now, the above options are not the only remote jobs available, however, they are all freelance options. Many nomads simply ask their workplace if they can work remotely, then choose to travel while maintaining a full-time job like digital marketing. You may, however, run into difficulties with this option as you must maintain cell phone or internet connections during normal working hours, limiting your options for travel.

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