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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

4 Self Care and Beauty Tips for Nurses

Last Updated:
December 29, 2022
Kay Nicole

4 Self Care and Beauty Tips for Nurses

Nurses are always busy taking care of patients, so they likely neglect their health and well-being. Especially during the pandemic, nurses have been complaining about skin and acne issues due to wearing face masks and shields all the time. Hair fall is another issue that nurses frequently report due to washing their hair every day with heavy shampoos. To help manage this problem and maintain a professional appearance, using gentle hair care products and stylish hair accessories with Paris Mode can make a significant difference in maintaining healthy hair and boosting confidence. The harsh sanitizing agents and long work hours are taking a toll on their beauty and wellness regime. For nurses, it is time to realize that you cannot take care of others with full dedication if you keep on neglecting yourself, making self-care and beauty tips essential for your overall well-being. 

However, the problem with the nursing profession is that you work in an environment that does very little to support you to take care of your skin. You are surrounded by countless types of bacteria and infections that you might not know from which side you will get attacked. So, you need more effort than the average person to take care of your skill and beauty. Even if pampering yourself is last on your to-do list, it should at least be on the list of the things that you prioritize in your life. 

Inculcating a skincare regime becomes even more challenging in the current scenario where many nurses prioritize getting an advanced degree along with working. It was long ago that ADN nurses started thinking that they required a BSN degree. Today, things have gone further! More nurses are inclined to enroll in master programs such as MSN in Nursing Education program, family nurse practitioner, anesthesia nurse, acute care programs, and more. So, think about it, how will you manage taking care of your beauty when you juggle so many responsibilities? Don’t know the answer? Some tips can help you take care of yourself and your beauty. 

1. Protect your skin

When protecting your skin, be mindful of the cleansers you use. Washing your skin with soap-filled face washes and hard chemicals can strip off the essential moisture and oils from your skin. In your quest to keep your skin clean, you might be removing good bacteria from your skin that can lead to dermatitis. Therefore, you have to use self-care products that protect your skin barrier. Moreover, avoid exposing yourself to environmental aggressors that can lead to premature aging and developing conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Your cleansers must be hydrating and gentle, preferably organic or herbal. Once your skin is deeply hydrated, you can protect it from bruising and scars caused by PPEs and face shields. 

2. Protect your skin against breakout

Before we know how to avoid this issue, it is essential to understand what breakout means. It is how the body signals that something is going on inside. So, treating your skin’s outer layer is not enough if you want to prevent and protect your skin against breakout. If you have pimples above the nose area, it is because of stress, but when the same happens below the nose area, the actual issue is hormonal imbalance. So, when treating acne and pimples, know the cause first to adopt a targeted approach. Unhealthy and untimely eating is the norm in a nurse's job due to long shifts and hectic schedules. This can increase blood sugar, forming structural proteins such as elastin and collagen in the skin. These proteins damage the skin cells leading to breakouts. To prevent breakouts, drink plenty of water, avoid pollution and environmental aggressors, and avoid overwashing with heavy detergents. If you think your breakout is caused by stress, engage in stress-relieving exercises like yoga and meditation. 

3. Be generous with the use of moisturizer

Keeping your skin moisturized can reduce early aging and over-dryness of the skin. Constant use of hand sanitizers and hand washes can dry out your hands, leading to skin irritation. Moreover, dry skin is not as resistant to infections as is normal and hydrated skin. So, “moisturize and then moisturize again” should be your mantra. Have a travel-size moisturizer at work that you can frequently use during the day. Another possibility is using a moisturizer with a mild SPF, say SPF 15. This way, you won’t need to carry additional sunscreen in your bag. The gentle sunscreen will protect your skin against sun damage whenever you venture outside. When in your home, apply Vaseline or a heavy moisturize on your hands and feet at night. Vaseline acts like a thick layer of moisture that nourishes your skin all night.

4. Never neglect your feet

Many of you might only focus on your face but forget your hands and feet. Even if you don’t consider your feet your most attractive feature, there is still no need to neglect them. Remember, even if you keep yourself fresh and beautiful all the time, people can still guess your age by your hands and feet. So, if you want to put your best foot forward, take care of them too. As feet are in direct contact with dust and debris, the skin is most prone to getting dirty. Moreover, having your feet caged in shoes and shocks can develop fungal infections. So, wear shoes and socks that are breathable, wear athletic shoes that meet the dress code, and always keep your feet and nail clean. 


Finding time for your personal care and beauty is extremely difficult for nurses, but it is not impossible. A few simple tips can help you choose the right products and use them accurately. Trying to help others is not possible if you neglect yourself. So, make sure to have some “me time” and think about your beauty and wellness too.

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