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Seven Qualities Of A Successful Nurse

Last Updated:
January 23, 2023
Kay Nicole

Seven Qualities Of A Successful Nurse

Nursing is a rewarding and challenging career. It requires compassion, dedication, and a wide range of skills. While there is no one-size-fits-all model of success in nursing, certain qualities are essential for a nurse to excel.

We'll discuss some essential qualities of a successful nurse, and explore the importance of these qualities, how to develop them, and how they can help you in your nursing career.

By cultivating these qualities, you'll be able to provide excellent patient care and achieve your goals as a successful nurse.

1. Being able to learn

A successful nurse must learn quickly and adapt to new situations. In today's healthcare environment, nurses are expected to be knowledgeable in various areas, from patient care to the latest advancements in healthcare.

Nurses also need to be able to understand and interpret research findings so that they can apply best practices to their work. Working in an ever-evolving field requires ongoing learning and development.

Additionally, nurses must be open to learning from each other and staying up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry.

Nurses who have completed their bachelor's should pursue higher education. Professional development courses, online learning modules, and workshops are all excellent ways for nurses to stay informed and sharp.

For example, a Master of Science Nursing Online is an excellent way to increase their knowledge and stay up-to-date if they already hold a relevant degree in bachelors. With online learning, nurses can continue their education while working full-time, and flexible scheduling makes it possible to fit learning into even the busiest schedules.

Online education also allows nurses to benefit from opportunities that come with higher education credentials, like managerial and leadership roles. How? With online education, they can balance their schedules for work and studies.

2. Being able to handle stress

One of the essential qualities of a successful nurse is handling stress. Nursing can be demanding and intense, and remaining calm and focused in stressful situations is necessary. It can mean dealing with complex patients, long hours, and high-pressure situations. As a nurse, you must stay alert and attentive to ensure patient safety and well-being.

Nurses must take care of themselves and find ways to manage stress to remain effective. It could mean setting aside time for self-care activities like yoga or meditation or finding an outlet like writing or art to express emotions.

It is also helpful to build a supportive network of colleagues and friends who can provide emotional support. Being able to handle stress is crucial to being a successful nurse.

3. Being patient

Patience is a must-have quality for a successful nurse. As a nurse, you will interact with patients and their families, requiring you to be patient and understanding. It's essential to remain calm, regardless of the situation.

Being patient helps nurses build trust with their patients, an essential skill that any successful nurse should possess. Moreover, nurses must maintain a positive attitude and remain patient when dealing with difficult situations.

Patients appreciate nurses who are willing to take the time to answer their questions and provide them with the care they need.

4. Being able to work long hours

Nurses often have to work long hours, including nights and weekends, so managing long hours while ensuring quality care for their patients are traits of an excellent nurse.

The ability to work long hours requires nurses to be mentally tough and physically fit, so they can handle the workload without becoming exhausted. It is also essential for nurses to have good time management skills, as this can help them stay organized and be more productive during their shifts.

As a nurse, you must also be prepared to work in unpredictable and ever-changing environments since you may have to juggle multiple tasks and prioritize your time efficiently. Lastly, it would be best to take breaks throughout the day and ensure you get enough rest.

5. Being compassionate

Compassion is essential for nurses to succeed in the nursing profession. Patients rely on nurses to give care, comfort, and support during some of the most vulnerable moments of their life. Compassionate nurses can sympathize with their patients, comprehend their needs, and offer them the necessary care and support.

Compassionate nurses are better equipped to communicate with their patients and gain their trust. They can cultivate compassion and understanding, encouraging patients to relax and open up. This enables nurses to better comprehend their patients' needs and provide more effective treatment.

Furthermore, compassionate nurses are more likely to be able to mediate challenging circumstances and de-escalate conflicts, hence improving patient outcomes.

6. Being able to think on your feet

Nursing is a career that requires quick decision-making and critical thinking skills. The ability to assess situations quickly, process information, and make appropriate decisions is paramount. Being able to think on your feet is an essential skill for any nurse, regardless of the specialty.

To improve this skill, you must remain open to new ideas, pay attention to detail, practice your critical thinking skills, and ask questions if you're unsure. Practicing scenarios or simulations can also help you hone your ability to think and act quickly.

Regardless of your department, as a nurse, the ability to think on your feet will help you succeed.

7. Being able to handle blood and other bodily fluids

As part of their regular responsibilities, nurses are required to be able to handle blood and other bodily fluids. To protect themselves and others from infection, they must be able to follow established practices for handling, disposing of, and cleaning up stuff other people would puke at.

Nurses must maintain professionalism and composure despite working in a fast-paced and often stressful setting.

In addition, nurses must be familiar with the many types of bodily fluids they may encounter, recognize when a patient's blood or other body fluids pose a risk of exposure and take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and others.


In conclusion, being a successful nurse requires a unique combination of technical skills, emotional intelligence, and personal qualities. Nurses must be compassionate, have strong communication skills, attention to detail, critical thinking, flexibility and adaptability, emotional intelligence, physical stamina, professionalism, and a commitment to ongoing learning.

Lastly, as a nurse, you must accept that it won't be easy. This profession is not only highly respected but also pretty challenging. But, if you possess all the skills mentioned in this article, you are on your way toward being a successful nurse.

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