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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Should Athletes use NormaTec Every Day?

Last Updated:
July 28, 2022

use NormaTec Every Day

For athletes on an intense training regimen, daily recovery is a key component to staying strong and healthy. NormaTec offers a workout or surgery recovery system for both athletes and intense workout attendees. But, should athletes use NormaTec every day?

First, What is NormaTec?

NormaTec Pulse is an external pneumatic compression (EPC) device. The leg and arm systems help to enhance blood flow, using air compression. Similar to a blood pressure cuff, the leg or arm sleeves fill with air, then release. The compression/release pattern is controllable by remote control, so each user can adjust the speed and pressure. These arm and leg systems help to force stagnant fluid away from the area to reduce swelling and increase blood flow. Repetitive use helps decrease recovery time.

Why Are Athletes Using EPC Devices?

Both professional and recreational athletes are training harder and more often than in previous years. This is due to a highly competitive environment, but this also means that athletes are resting less. Usually, our bodies require rest or minimal activity days in between hard training days to give muscles a chance to recover. These rest days also help to minimize injuries. By using NormaTec technology, athletes can recover faster, with many noticing a decrease in muscle soreness.

How Often Should Athletes use NormaTec?

Each NormaTec session should be 20-30 minutes long for the best results. The system is also safe to use every day as long as users do not use it for longer than 30 minutes each time. Many athletes enjoy using the NormaTec Pulse to prepare for endurance events, lifting competitions, triathlons, CrossFit competitions, etc. NormaTec is also frequently used after the event to aid in recovery, and reduce muscle soreness, especially if they have a multiday event.

Features of the NormaTec Pulse Systems

The NormaTec Pulse system comes in 3 different sizes, allowing you to select the best fit for you. The arm and leg systems are TSA-approved for carryon and all come with the following features;

  • Bluetooth connectivity from the system to the Hyperice App
  • Seven compression levels
  • Color display panel for easy control, with touchscreen.
  • ZoneBoost technology; provides extra pressure or timing to particular areas.
  • 2-hour battery life or 4 days recommended use.
  • Lightweight, and easy to store.
  • Completely customizable recovery

Common Uses by Physiotherapists

Many physiotherapists are using NormaTec systems to help patients with recovery. The increased blood flow to the injured area is proven to speed up recovery, and get people back on their faster. The most common injuries currently being treated include ankle, knee, shoulder, and elbow sprains as well as carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and tendonitis.

As an athlete, using NormaTec every day can be beneficial, and aid in preventing injuries and improving recovery. Ensure you don’t extend your sessions past 30 minutes as overuse can cause swelling and inflammation due to blood flow. Additionally, using NormaTec alone is not enough, make sure you also eat well, hydrate, and get enough sleep for your body to recover correctly.

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