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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Should I get a Fitness Coach?

Last Updated:
January 26, 2021

Should I get a Fitness Coach?

Are you feeling stuck in your current routine? Or, maybe, you've just decided to start taking your health and fitness seriously. In both of these situations, you may want to consider hiring a fitness coach. Many professional athletes (men and women pro athletes) wear by having a coach. They can help you get started while offering support, tips, advice and training to help you reach your goals. Below are 6 ways a fitness coach can help you with your workouts.

1. Getting Started

Getting into a regular exercise routine can be overwhelming. That’s why having a personal trainer or fitness coach is great when you first start on your health and fitness journey. Not only will they help you create and build a routine but they can also design that routine to meet your goals.

A coach knows the basics of working out, which is why they can customize a workout for you. They can help you figure out what exercises you should be doing, how long you should workout for, and how often you should workout.

2. Learn How to Work Out at Home

If you want to primarily workout by yourself, hiring a fitness coach for a few sessions is highly beneficial. Not only can they help you avoid injuries, but they can also help you understand how your muscles react. Both of these are crucial when working out at home. To help you avoid injuries, you should go through all the exercises in your workout routine with your fitness coach. This will allow them to correct any mistakes you are making, which will also help you get the most out of your workout. They may also offer suggestions on other exercises you can do at home, with or without weights. 

3. Start Seeing Results

Often when people have been exercising for a while, they stop seeing the results they want. Sometimes you may still see results, just not the ones in line with your goals. This is where a fitness coach comes in. A fitness coach will evaluate your current routine and goals. From here they will change and alter the exercise routine, weights, and times to create a new effective routine for you. This new routine may feel challenging and overwhelming compared to your previous, however, stick with it and you will soon see the results you are after. Your fitness coach is there to support and guide you – ask questions and check in regularly with your progress to keep that motivation going.

4. A Fitness Coach Helps you Feel Challenged

If you have been working on your health and fitness for a while, a fitness coach may not even be on your radar. However, they are not just for those starting out. Fitness coaches can also help you out of a rut, especially if you no longer feel challenged or are feeling bored. Your coach can bring a new perspective to your workout routine. This means they could make one small adjustment and suddenly your routine is challenging and fun again. They can also help push you to that next level. Usually, we will stop as we get tired, however, a coach will encourage you to keep going. Thereby helping you to build additional stamina and strength.

5. Keeps You Accountable

Do you struggle with personal motivation and accountability? A personal fitness coach could be the answer. By having a weekly session with your coach, you are making a commitment to your health and fitness. This works especially well as majority of people don’t want to let down their coach. It is much easier to stay motivated when you have someone on your side that wants you to help reach your goals however they can. This is what a coach does.

6. Caters to Your Specific Needs

A fitness coach can cater your workout and schedule to suit you, your body and your goals. If you have previous injuries that cause you pain or discomfort, your coach can create a workout routine that won’t add pressure to the injury. Often you can even find a trainer that specializes in working with injuries. However, you should discuss starting a workout routine with your doctor or physical therapist if it is a newer injury. This can help to prevent further damage and ensure your body is healing correctly.

Maybe you aren’t injured but you are training for a big event. A fitness coach can also help here. They can help you create a training schedule that allows your muscles to recover, while still building stamina and strength. When you are training for a big event, recovery days between workouts are crucial to avoid injuries. You should begin working with a fitness coach 3-6 months before a big event to ensure the best chance of success.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, a fitness coach is not just for those starting out on their health journey. Often people shy away from coaching due to finances. However, you don’t have to see a personal fitness coach every week in order to see results. Work out a schedule that suits you and helps you stay motivated, whether that is once a month or every 3 months. Remember you control your health and fitness journey, so pick a coach that works for you and your goals.

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