All about the fitness and health lifestyle
All about the fitness and health lifestyle

The 5 Best Free Workout Video Channels

Last Updated:
September 2, 2021

Best Free Workout Video Channels

Many people struggle to start their fitness and health journey due to fear of going to the gym or workout classes. However, with modern technology and social media, you can now take workout classes in the comfort of your home. This makes starting your fitness journey easier than ever before. Online workout videos also help you to determine what sort of workout you enjoy, before spending money on in-person classes. Below are the 5 best free workout video channels on YouTube.

1.     HASfit

With over 1500 videos available on their YouTube channel, HASfit has a workout for every skill level. They are dedicated to helping anyone improve their fitness levels and create a healthier lifestyle. Each workout video shows the estimated calorie burn and clearly demonstrates each exercise step by step. Users can either search for specific workouts or use the helpful playlists to find a routine that works for them. Their playlist options include prenatal, cooldown, beginner gym, strength training gym, and muscle building workouts, just to name a few. As an added bonus, they also have full-body workout routines and playlists for specific body parts. Now, HASfit don’t just offer great workout videos, they also offer meal plans and motivation to keep you on track. You can find playlists full of healthy meal and dessert ideas to help you manage your diet.

The HASfit channel is a great resource for free workouts, and it is also being updated with new videos at least once a month.

2.     Blogilates

The Blogilates workouts are a combination of HIIT and dance workouts based on pilates movements.  These workouts may look simple when you first see them, however, are surprisingly difficult as you move through them. Each exercise is highly effective at targeting specific areas of the body. And while this workout style is most commonly for women, more men have been using the workouts in recent years. With over 800 videos currently live and new videos weekly there are workouts for every need and skill level. In fact, there is even a 28 day beginners Blogilates class to teach basic pilates skills and build strength.  Other workout videos range from single-song fat burners to 30 minute full-body workouts at various skill levels. Video titles often mention the skill level and most require no equipment at all

3.     Fitness Blender

Well known for their ‘brutal’ workouts, Fitness Blender has over 600 free full-length workouts available. They advertise gimmick-free workouts, and deliver exactly that. As one of the best free workout video channels they offer detailed instructions for each exercise and the trainers are great at setting expectations. Getting fit is not an overnight project; it takes time and dedication. As such, Fitness Blender have regular workout challenges to keep you motivated and on track with your goals. New videos are regularly added and vary in type. On the Fitness Blender channel, you can find everything from pilates to cardio, and weight lifting to stretching routines.

4.     JessicaSmithTV

As a certified personal trainer, Jessica Smith originally started her YouTube channel to share her knowledge and expertise. Even though videos stopped being added in 2020, there is still over 400 detailed video workouts available.  Jessica believes that working out should be fun, and her workouts reflect this. All of the videos are high energy and most are under 20 minutes long. However, there are also several longer mindful stretching and meditation videos that focus on wellness and flexibility over fitness. Jessica’s videos offer a great range of workouts, using minimal or no equipment. As an added bonus, most of the workouts offer exercise variations for those with limited physical capabilities.

5.     The Fitness Marshall

These workouts are entertaining and fun for everyone looking for a good cardio workout. The Fitness Marshall dance workouts are all just a single song, enabling you to build your own dance workout playlist. All of the dance moves are simple to learn and repeat throughout the song. There are new dances every week so you can continue to change up your playlist. As a short, fun cardio workout, these dances are a great warmup to strength training or other weight lifting workouts. The Fitness Marshall also offers more in-depth cardio and strength workouts for community members.

Starting your fitness journey doesn’t need to be difficult. Utilize the best free workout video channels above to find a workout style you enjoy. From there you can decide what your fitness and health goals will be and create a workout routine that suits your lifestyle.

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