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The 6 Best Language Learning Apps for Digital Nomads

Last Updated:
May 24, 2022

best language learning apps

Digital nomads often travel around the world while working remotely to fund their adventures. This much travel, means many digital nomads want to learn additional languages so they can communicate wherever they go. Below are some of the best language learning apps you can utilize to interact around the world with confidence.


The Duolingo app is possibly the best-known language learning app worldwide. This app helps users learn new languages through a variety of learning techniques. Some of the educational activities include fill-in-the-blanks, multiple-choice quizzes, flashcards, and audio clips. Users also have the option to slow down audio clips, making it easier to learn the language of your choice. The game-like features make learning a new language fun and interesting. Users even get awarded gems for completing lessons, using the app daily, and answering questions correctly. With over 35 different languages, Duolingo is a great option for those looking to learn more. While there is a free version, users can upgrade to the paid version for $6.99 per month, this eliminates ads and offer bonus lessons.


The Preply app offers direct 1-on-1 learning opportunities for learning a new language. Through the app, users connect with professional language tutors and can take classes by the hour. Users can choose their tutors based on various factors, such as if they are a native speaker, their availability, cost, and popularity. Additionally, users can select how they want to learn, whether it's for speaking, writing, reading, or all three. As each session is personalized, users can learn at their own pace and get immediate feedback and additional help as they need it. Costs begin at $5 per hour and users can book as many sessions as they like for any language.


The Memrise app allows users to learn a new language using various learning tools. The learning tools include videos of native speakers, multiple-choice questions, typing tests, and listening activities. Users take classic tests and speed reviews to test their knowledge throughout each course. Each user can “grow” flowers as they accurately answer each question. While there are official courses, there are also opportunities for users to create and upload their own courses for others to complete. Currently, there are 16 official The 6 Best Language Learning Apps for Digital Nomadslanguage courses and over 21 languages created by other users. The free app offers limited availability, however, the premium version is $8.99 per month to access all features. Additionally, users can subscribe to a lifetime membership for a one-time payment of $139.99 to access all courses and features.


The Speakly app is great for those who wish to learn the most relevant words in other languages. Users learn the most statistically relevant words in their language choice. The free learning activities on Speakly include typing tests or multiple-choice questions. If users upgrade to the premium plan, they also get access to voice recognition software to help with pronunciation. Other premium features include listening activities, music suggestions, and grammar guides. The premium plan is $11.79 per month with a discount for a 12-month membership.


With the Drops app, users can get free access for 5 minutes per day, or upgrade to the premium plan for $9.99 per month. At the heart of it, Drops is a vocabulary app, designed to help users learn words and phrases. The learning activities available include audio recordings, dragging images to match terms, and placing words in the correct order. Users can track their progress through earning badges for achievements and are able to continuously practice harder words as needed. Right now over 45 languages are available on the app.


The Mondly app offers gamified language lessons to make learning easier. Some of the activities include matching words to images, swiping for correct answers, rearranging words, multiple-choice questions, and selecting translations. Additionally, users on a premium account have access to a chatbot feature to practice conversations. The engaging game layout allows users to learn by interacting and competing to make the app leaderboard. Users have access to over 33 different languages with common phrases and basic language knowledge for each. The free app version is limited in features, and language options, however for $9.99 per month, users have access to all content.

No matter where you wish to travel, or which language you want to learn, there is an app for you. You simply have to take the leap. The apps above are some of the best language learning apps currently available and most have a free option. Simply decide which language you are interested in learning and test a few apps before upgrading to a premium plan.

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