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The 8 Best Things to do in Valencia Spain

Last Updated:
December 6, 2022

The 8 Best Things to do in Valencia Spain

Valencia, Spain is a warm, popular vacation destination for many travelers. With its three amazing beaches, great history, and plenty of local activities, it is easy to see why. Below are the 8 best things to do in Valencia, Spain during your next trip abroad.

1. Visit the Turia Gardens

This 9km long urban park features 18 amazing bridges, which were built after the river flooded in 1957. Now, the river has since been diverted and you walk through the former riverbed next to the historic center of Valencia. There are various fun attractions with Turia Gardens, including;

  • Gulliver Park – Climb the fallen giant, and slide back down. There are various slides, and the park offers fun for all ages.
  • Palau de la Musica – Home to the city’s municipal orchestra, any show here is bound to be amazing.
  • Water activities – Rent a swan boat, water ball, or canoe at the various ponds throughout the park during the summer months.

2. Go to the City of the Arts and Sciences

This contemporary museum features a science museum, planetarium, IMAX theatre, and a performing arts venue. Make sure you have plenty of time to wander the various attractions and comfortable shoes. The science museum has interactive exhibits that are fun and educational, and there are daily scientific workshops. Each attraction requires separate admission, or you can buy an attraction pass to visit multiple locations at a discount.

3. Visit the Largest Aquarium in Europe

Technically, Oceanografic is part of the City of Arts and Sciences, however, it deserves its own section. Visiting Oceanografic is a must-do for any visitors to Valencia, and we recommend you set aside at least half a day for it. There are 10 different areas with the aquarium to represent different habitats and areas of the world's ecosystem. These areas include;

  1. The Mediterranean
  2. Wetlands
  3. Temperate Seas
  4. Tropical Seas
  5. The Red Sea
  6. Oceans
  7. The Artic
  8. Antarctica
  9. Islands
  10. Dolphinarium

There is also an underwater restaurant and the longest underwater tunnel on the continent. The Oceanografic hosts the only family of beluga whales in Europe and aims to replicate each ecosystem to ensure the animals are safe and healthy.

4. Shop at Central Market

Local Valencians often gather here for their regular shopping, as it is filled with vendors selling almost everything. From fresh fruit and vegetables to meat, cheeses, and pastries. Not to mention the range of ready-to-eat items, perfect for on-the-go. Just be aware the market is huge, so we recommend you visit several times, using different entrances to explore some of the 1200 stalls.

5. View the frescos at San Nicolas de Bari

The 20,000 square feet of elaborate frescos are the most popular feature of this church. Built in 1242, this was originally a parish church, which was remodeled in the Gothic architecture style in the early 1400s. Then, in the late 1600s the interior was redone with the Baroque decoration and fresco paintings you see today. These scenes depict the life of Saint Nicholas and Saint Peter Martyr. For more information about the church and its history consider booking a guided tour.

6. Visit Bioparc

Valencia’s Bioparc is a special zoo, featuring 150 different African species. This zoo gives visitors the feeling of stepping onto the African continent, with amazing natural ecosystems for the animals. The four main areas of Bioparc include;

  • Dry Savannah – Home to rhinoceros, warthogs zebras, hyenas, ostriches, and much more. Also in this area is the Baobab forest, which is home to a tribe of elephants.
  • Wetlands – Home to amphibians, Nile crocodiles, hippos, and various fishes.
  • The Island of Madagascar – Home to lemurs, flamingos, and pelicans.
  • Equatorial Africa – Home to pythons, turtles, otters, gorillas, and leopards.

7. Take a trip to Albufera Natural Park

Just 10kms south of Valencia is the Albufera Natural Park. There are over 250 bird species, and miles of pathways to explore. There is also a large freshwater lagoon, with boat rides available. This natural oasis is also where paella was invented. Discover unique waterfowl as you wander the clearly marked pathways for a relaxing day out in nature.

8. Relax on the beach

Take some euros and head down to the beach for the day. Buy some snacks or wine from the beachside cafes, and relax with your toes in the sand. The beaches are clean, with gorgeous views of the ocean. Just take time to unwind and relax while you enjoy the amazing weather.

Valencia, Spain is a great tourist destination and a perfect place for digital nomads looking to spend a week or two. The most difficult part of your trip will be deciding which of the best things to do in Valencia, Spain you’ll do first.

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