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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

The Benefits of Dynamic Ab Exercises over Static Ab Exercises

Last Updated:
May 12, 2021

The Benefits of Dynamic Ab Exercises over Static Ab Exercises

Looking to strengthen your abs? Or perhaps you simply want to make your abs pop? By using dynamic ab exercises you can help your abs pop, without getting to a low body fat percentage. Now, for long-lasting results, lowering your body fat percentage will help maintain your physique and showcase your new abs. However in the meantime, try using dynamic ab exercises, and experience the following benefits over static ab exercises.

1. Muscle Thickness

Studies have shown that 10 weeks of dynamic abdomen exercises can increase the thickness of your abdomen muscles. The average growth for men is 2.1mm in the upper abs and 2.7mm in the lower abs. This leads to an enhanced ab appearance, while also building strength. Dynamic ab workouts affect the appearance of your six-pack more than static ab exercises as they specifically target each abdomen area. Whereas static exercises work several muscle groups at once, helping to build general strength.

2. Better Posture

Another benefit of dynamic ab exercises is that they improve your posture. As you focus on each abdomen section, you are also strengthening your back muscles, which shows in your day-to-day posture. This not only helps you appear taller but also helps to minimize the appearance of any body fat.

Dynamic vs Static Ab Exercises

The crucial difference between static and dynamic exercises is how the muscles are being worked. With a static workout, there is less stress, and weight on your body. Static exercises should typically be used to increase stability, and basic muscle strength. However, dynamic workouts use a variety of exercises to target each muscle group separately. This then allows your body to develop isometric strength, flexibility and mobility. Often dynamic exercises will also include weights as your progress and build your strength.

Below are some dynamic ab exercises for each abdomen area to get you started.

Upper Abdomen

To target your upper abdomen you want to focus on exercises where you bring your shoulders down towards your hips. Two of the most effective workouts include swiss ball crunches, and weighted cable crunches.

  • Swiss Ball Crunches
    This exercise allows you to target your upper abdomen through a range of movements. First, sit on the swiss ball, then slowly lower yourself all the way down until the middle of your back is on the top of the ball. Then raise your chest up and slightly forward to create a crunching movement. For added impact, hold a weight plate or medicine ball to your chest throughout the movements.
  • Weighted Cable Crunches
    This exercise requires access to a cable machine with weights. You want to ensure that your hips are kept high and locked in place throughout the repetitions. To make this easier, you can use a medicine or wall ball on top of your calves, and rest your hips on it. Then you want to hold the cable in front of you with both hands, tuck your chin into your chest and crunch your shoulders towards your hips. Ensure you move in a fluid motion and start on a lower weight to avoid injury.

Lower Abdomen

For your lower abdomen muscles, you should focus on exercises where you bring your hips towards your shoulders. Popular exercises include reverse crunches, ball pikes and hanging leg raises. Both of these exercises are also easy to add weights to at any stage.

  • Reverse Crunches

First lie with your back, and hips firmly on a weight bench. Lift your legs to a so your thighs are perpendicular to the floor and bend your knees 90 degrees. Exhale and contract your abs while bringing your knees towards your shoulder. Ensure your lower back stays flat on the bench. Then curl your pelvis towards your belly button before returning to the starting position. To add weights, place a small medicine ball between your knees.

  • Ball Pikes

This exercise requires a swiss ball. First, place your thighs on the swiss ball and place your hands shoulder-width apart on the ground. Walk your body forward so the ball is under your shins. Then in a smooth motion, pull your hips up into an inverted V with your ankles still on the ball. Slowly return to your starting position and repeat. Ensure you are using your abdomen to pull up smoothly, rather than throwing your hips upwards.

  • Hanging Leg Raises

This exercise requires a hanging bar. Simply hang from the bar, then slowly bring your knees up towards your chest. Be careful not to throw your legs, instead focus on crunching your knees up or raising your pelvis towards your belly button. For a harder workout, hold a small medicine ball between your calves.

Get started on your summer beach body by using the dynamic ab exercises above. Soon enough your abs will pop and you’ll feel stronger than ever. For even better results, consider incorporating these exercises into your regular workout routine.

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