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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

The Best Alternatives to Normatec Hyperice

Last Updated:
December 30, 2021

Best Alternatives to Normatec Hyperice

Many athletes use compression devices to help recover from difficult workouts. These range from leggings, socks, and long sleeve shirts to sleeves and boots. Where the clothing options simply compress due to the tightness of the item, the boots and sleeves contain compression technology. These compression devices use pulsating technology to massage the muscles and increase circulation. One of the most popular devices is the Normatec Hyperice Pulse 2.0 boots, however, the high price tags starting at $899 often puts them out of reach for many. Below are the best alternatives to Normatec Hyperice for compression needs.

Air Relax Plus AR-3.0

Starting at $575 the Air Relax Plus AR-3.0 is of optimum quality with medical-grade silicone hoses and a medical-grade pump. It has 4 different pressure levels, going up to 230mmHg, which can help with swollen legs. There are also various compression modes, which have a digital control. The modes include;

  •     Progressive
  •     Sequential
  •     Full Massage and Targeted Compression
  •     Fast Cycle

For these modes to work effectively there are built-in pressure sensors that measure your leg circumference. This ensures that the pressure is evenly distributed no matter what size your legs are. Additionally, users choose the inseam size when purchasing, with 3 different size options. These sizes are;

  • 26” – 30” inseam (for people approx, 5’2” – 5’6” tall)
  • 30” – 34” inseam (for people approx, 5’7” – 6’0” tall)
  • 34” – 38” inseam (for people 6’1” or taller)

Lastly, the timer function on the Air Relax Plus AR-3.0 has options for both 15 and 30-minute increments. The user interface is straightforward, and easy-to-navigate with clear buttons for each option. As an added bonus, there is an optional battery pack so you can use the compression boots whenever you need to.

SLS3 Compression Recovery System

Priced at $799 the SLS3 Compression Recovery System Boots offer premium pressure from 20mmHg up to 250mmHg.  They also offer 6 different massage programs, from a peristaltic wave to full massage. The four air chamber technology overlaps to ensure a smooth massage all over. This technology also enables the user to use the isolation setting to target a specific area of the leg, helping to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Overall the device is quiet and has a long power cord to assist with useability. The timer function allows the user to select sessions between 10 and 60 minutes, making it customizable to your needs. Finally, the SLS3 Compression Recovery System Boots are available in three sizes;

  • Small (for people up to 5’3” tall)
  • Medium (for people 5’4” – 6’2” tall)
  • Large (for people over 6’3”)

Therabody Recovery Air System

The final compression option on our list is the portable Therabody Recovery Air System priced at $699. This device is great for those who like to take their compression boots to events, or those who travel a lot. As these are a portable option, the pressure levels only reach 100mmHg, which is perfect for moderate compression. However, to balance the lower pressure, the system does work faster, with 20 compression cycles in 20 minutes. The hidden overlapping chambers over full coverage of the leg and also helps to reduce moisture build-up. The battery life is substantial at 6 hours, giving you plenty of uses between charges. The Therabody Recovery Air System is available in the following three sizes;

  • Small – Outseam 27” – 33.5” (approximately for people 5’ – 5’5”) and a maximum thigh circumference of 27.6”
  • Medium – Outseam 31.5” – 37.5” (for people approximately 5’6” – 6’) and a maximum thigh circumference of 31.5”
  • Large – Outseam 35.5” – 41” (for people approximately 6’ – 6’6”) and a maximum thigh circumference of 31.9”


The compression boots mentioned above are great alternatives to Normatec Hyperice and have very competitive pricing. Not only can they help with muscle fatigue and recovery, but they can also help increase blood flow and reduce lymphatic build-up. Compression boots are most typically used after a workout however, they can also be used to help warm up before a workout as well. Just note that this would be at a much lower pressure level for a shorter length of time. Every compression boot fits differently so ensure you check the manufacturer's sizing instructions before ordering.

If these prices still seem a bit steep to you, there are alternatives from overseas on Amazon that look decent and start around $199.  Search “compression boots for athletes” to have a look there.

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